fredag 13 juli 2012

love is in the air

I started my working day early,want to play a lot of tournaments today.Usually I play like 25-35 tournaments a normal day,today I want to pass 40:)We had some days off as you know,further on today there will be a post of our day yesterday!(at the casino);)
Yesterday was a beautiful day,far away from work and things you have to do.I realize now,in everything I do,that I'm in a state of mind where I'm totally influenced by love and my feelings that are running all over.I can't focus,I can't concentrate it's such an annoyingly good feeling,but it messes up my work. When I meet my boyfriend,I was a happy single without any thoughts of meeting a boy and fall in love.
My focus was poker,travelling and enjoying life.But here I am, planning my future with him,including him in my daily life and plans.It's funny how you act in love, laughing,sweet talking,cuddling.Wishing the days had more hours when you are together,wishing the days go fast when you're not.Counting down the days until you see him again(22),longing for now you all know what's wrong with me and why my poker is left to the side...haha,but now,it's really time for poker!

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