lördag 21 juli 2012

friday with da cats

so I have 2 tourneys left,today was an equal out day...been in my pyjamas the whole day,my cool style or my interest in fashion was NOT the reason why I started this blog;)I'm all alone except 3 cats,one of them extremely horny....she is in that period of month and she is really suffering.She tries to get attention and screams whenever you leave the room.She even tried to have sex with my feet...I filmed her while she did it..if you are really eager to see it I will post it;)hehe na just kidding:D or yeah I did film her but I keep it to myself.enough about that!yeah as you all can see my subjects go a bit off line while I'm alone.I understand those people who starts to talk to themselves or get crazy being all alone. I promise I wont,I love being here alone...not to forget the cats;)which I tried to get a nice photo with but she wasn't that eager to act all pretty as u can see..

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