tisdag 31 juli 2012

there has been a big mix of feelings lately towards poker.One second I love it,next I hate it.Upswings,downswing's,crying and laughings...I'm aiming to get good scores now since I will be taking a vacation the following coming weeks.the only thing I really did succeed in was to play the amount of tourneys I had set for.high five!
I just heard a song with jared leto,and found this poster.It's funny,I always said this when it comes to relationships...

what the days in rio consist of

  •  quality time with bf
  • good food
  • yoga
  • beach time
and of course a little poker

late night laughs

so I'm stuck with my last tourney and I'm bored,looking at funny pictures and found this....hehe,no words needed.

måndag 30 juli 2012

the weekend

 so back to my weekend,spent in Gothenburg with the girls.I arrived later then everyone so I missed out on a lot but came right in time for gossiping,dinner and drinks. As always I was meant to take a lot of photos but in the end I just had a few ones:)We ate good food,drank wine,gossiping,played games and then went clubbing.In the morning we ate a huge brunch and then went on a little shopping spree until it was time to get back.It was nice and fun and now I can't wait for the wedding that's in less than 2 weeks!here are some photos!
we ate a huge dinner
me and anna,my friend since I was 3
Malin the bride,me and Lina

we played some games

the brunch!
The brunch again;)

söndag 29 juli 2012


I just came back from a great weekend with my friends in Gothenburg.We had a bride-made party for one of my best friends.Tomorrow I will put up some pictures and write a little more about it.Now I'm just in time for playing the last tournaments and to get some kisses from my sweetie that missed me a lot...(the cat;))

fredag 27 juli 2012

education about nutrition!

one of the reasons i got into eating paleo is the work of this man, Weston A. Price. He was a dentist in the early 1900s that studied the correlation between nutrition, dental and physical health. He went on a world wide journey studying diets and nutrition of various cultures that had not yet been in touch with "modern food" (sugar, wheat, processed food, vegetable oils etc).

 what he found was that the cultures that had not transitioned to a westernized diet were incredibly healthy, happy and lacked the modern day deceases that keep getting more and more common. i read his entire book two years ago, pretty difficult to read but if you're interested in nutrition like me i really recommend it. the book is called "nutrition and physical degeneration". if the book is too much, watch these two lectures about him, his work and a bunch of interesting nutritional info! would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Wise Traditions London 2010 - Sally Fallon Morell Part 1 from Wise Traditions London on Vimeo.

Wise Traditions London 2010 - Sally Fallon Morell, Part 2 from Wise Traditions London on Vimeo.

9 simple things

9 days until vacation
9 days until I see my sister and my boyfriend
9 friends I will be seeing this weekend that I haven't seen in 9 months
9 hours until I finish my working day
9 hours until I have a skype date with my bf
9 poker tables playing at the moment
9 countries or places I want to visit within the next coming 9 years,India,South Africa,Madagascar,Israel,Hungary,Portugal,China,Indonesia and Las Vegas
9 simple reasons to smile.have a nice day.kiss

torsdag 26 juli 2012

rasberries and summer

the summer is finally here,it's beautiful and you want to do everything except playing poker.I visited my mum this day and sat by the harbour eating ice cream with raspberries...true summer feeling.This weekend I will be going on a mini vacation,so no poker playing.But for now I have to get some hours with poker,today will be a good day,I can feel it:)

onsdag 25 juli 2012

quick update from sweden

I been out all day,went to get a new passport and to meet a friend for coffee.Why do you always get ass ugly on the passport photo?I begged to get an extra try but the girl refused because of the line,well...she told me that usually noon ever looks at it that much...she didn't know who she was talking too,since I travel more than I stay in a place;)
Tonite I will be grinding all night long!This weekend I will be super busy and the next coming time until my vacation starts in exactly 10 days:DAnd guess what?!?!!the summer is here!!!

tisdag 24 juli 2012

enough with the teasing!

this time  im not even kicked out as an underdog or on a coinflip. AQs vs. A6o.

damn it!

måndag 23 juli 2012


as all pokerplayers know,sundays are the best days to play.But either you go broke or you get rich;)yesterday I took the first line of choices...well,today the sun is shining and I been out all day so I'm happy but broke!People seem to change their moods after the weather,today I got not only one but hundreds of smiles...wonderful!I don't think I'm meant to live in a country like Sweden,I want to be happy all year round.I don't want to be guarding the weather like a maniac and hope for the 10% of sun we hopefully see each year.I want to meet happy people and smiling faces everyday.Not only does it make you more beautiful to smile it makes you happy as well.Love Live and Laugh,no?

söndag 22 juli 2012


yesterday we went to the beach and had a delicious lunch at an arab place. in the evening my bf went to a bachelor party so i played a little poker. today it's sunday so im having the first real poker day since i arrived. cant say im really looking forward to it, the sun is shining and another day at the beach is a lot more tempting..

now i just got breakfast in bed and its time for poker!

Phil I

first time I saw this pic we where laughing for a half hour...haha:DPhil Ivey is by many the best poker player in the world.In the beginning of my carrier I was a big fan.There is something mystic and sexy about him,no?;)The first time I saw him for real,in Vegas I fainted.We where watching the headsup series in vegas ,you can read about it in my previous posts in march last year.When I think back of it now it all seems like a dream,hanging with chris moneymaker and greg ramer. Staying in the most expensive suits and playing high stakes poker.For my birthday next year me and Pauline are going back to play the world series of poker,I can't wait!

another post about cats

12 hours of grinding,no breaks,a quick lunch and a cat screaming constantly.I'm dead,just had a shower and going to sleep like a baby.Wanted to have a night without screaming cats but then the 3rd one started to scream when I closed my bedroom door so I had to let her in:/her is a photo of us,you can really see how satisfied she is that she got in...and yes,I have a towel in my hair and not in my best:)night

lördag 21 juli 2012

friday with da cats

so I have 2 tourneys left,today was an equal out day...been in my pyjamas the whole day,my cool style or my interest in fashion was NOT the reason why I started this blog;)I'm all alone except 3 cats,one of them extremely horny....she is in that period of month and she is really suffering.She tries to get attention and screams whenever you leave the room.She even tried to have sex with my feet...I filmed her while she did it..if you are really eager to see it I will post it;)hehe na just kidding:D or yeah I did film her but I keep it to myself.enough about that!yeah as you all can see my subjects go a bit off line while I'm alone.I understand those people who starts to talk to themselves or get crazy being all alone. I promise I wont,I love being here alone...not to forget the cats;)which I tried to get a nice photo with but she wasn't that eager to act all pretty as u can see..

fredag 20 juli 2012

so close

going out forth gives just as much as going out first, somehow it's much more painful.. damn coin flip, out of all times you flipped to my favor, why not at this crucial moment?!

torsdag 19 juli 2012

in rio!

after a really nice flight i finally arrived in rio and have spent most of the day catching up with my man. oh i thought i read some jealous comment about long lines, sweaty people and uncomfortable seats? as a matter of fact none of that occurred on my trip. nope, i skipped every single line, didn't come near a sweaty person and not only did i have one, but two comfortable seats. since i had the middle aisle seats it felt like having my own little room :) i later turned the seats into a nice double bed. i also had two delicious 3 course dinners and as much champagne as i wanted the whole trip. 

how about that femi? :) here's some pics


I think I underestimated myself about my poker goals.Yesterday I worked for 11 hours and managed to play 72 tourneys?!I'm still not sure that I counted right so I will count them more precisely today!I have my flow back,thank god!I'm so focused and so goal determined that I really don't have much of another life right now.Had time to meet my mum for a quick coffee and then straight back to gambling:)BTW see the poster and the colourful bird,I want a tattoo like that bird,the colours are beautiful.

onsdag 18 juli 2012

hi there

My initial gut reaction to Paulines previous post was pure envy,but then I remembered to see everything positive:)I just woke up,had a huge coffee and are now sitting with my first poker tables of the day!The sun is not shining but it doesn't bother me cause I will be working the whole day.And I don't have to wait in long lines with sweaty people and sleep in an uncomfortable chair;)hehe,do I sound convincing?I found a picture from exactly one year ago when I was preparing my project for the bio hotels!Here I was almost dying in the heat wave in Austria...(as you can see on my grumpy and tired face)so yes,actually it's quite cosy to sit inside and hear the rain hit the windows and the seagulls screaming and just play poker;)

update from london

after snoozing for half an hour i finally got out of bed and made it just in time for the flight. now im chilling in the lounge drinking a cappuccino, bought some magazines im gonna go through. i have one hour left here and then im heading to rio!

not to rub it in or anything but i read that i have a weekend of 26-30 degrees and sunshine to look forward to :)

new focus

New focus and good goals and hopefully this 17 days will go away faster then ever.As you all know,Pauline is leaving me for a sunny brazil and warm winds.I'm stuck with the shitty weather.Today was another day when the sun hide behind the clouds and refused to show its face. We went to town to have a quick coffe and then we where grinding the whole afternoon until now.So back to my focus and my goals!
-I will play 450 turneys this 15 days!This may sound little but it's not,I can promise!And,I will not complain more about the poker client or site:)stay positive is my new motto!Don't I look really happy;)?

tisdag 17 juli 2012

fucking poker

so when the day cuddent get worse it got terribly lot worse!Was it just us or did the whole poker software just give up on today?2 final-tables and suddenly everything shut down...lets face it,we are going under..my money is gone!As it wasn't enough,the cat pee'd on my towel and ate half of my supper while I was trying to recover my poker table for the 101th time..So now I smeel like cat pee and I am hungry as hell.FUCK THIS!Well I suppose I don't have anywhere to go with this,it's just a general self pitty-hating my life at the moment post.

måndag 16 juli 2012

perfect timing for brazil

now its only two days left until im heading to brazil! its gonna be nice to spend some time with my man, eat good food and get some d-vitamin. what the hell happened to the swedish summer?! i hope the sun is gonna show up when im back in august. i can feel how the weather is affecting me and i realize why i've been travelling since i  finished high school. a grey sky all the time (and throw in some rain) is the perfect recipe for making me grumpy and feel down (hence the lack of inspiration to blog). i even lost the will to play poker, whenever that happens its an alarm bell to take some time off. now me and femi just had a fight, her pms and my grumpy mood along with a poker issue was not a match made in heaven. we both left the usual working room and are now laying in our own bedrooms refusing to speak to each other.

after this morning i cant wait to go to brazil!

söndag 15 juli 2012

we are playing poker,duh!as always on sundays it's super busy and we barely have time to do anything else,new tables are popping up constantly.(Im writing this post in the break)The tv is on in the background,we just heard the tv schedule for today, a quick reminder of why we NEVER watch tv...these are the following programs coming up;
1sommar med ernst,summer with ernst
2.kvinnan i kylskåpet,the woman in the refrigorator
3.min kidnappare,my kidnapper
yey,thanks sweden for giving us such a good and inspiring tv shows to look at.

lördag 14 juli 2012


2 years ago we where living in siciliy for the summer. I don't really have words to describe how beautiful it really is and how wonderful the food is. We had sunshine every day and fancy dinners and partys whenever we wanted. Today is such a day when I think back of those memories and miss the times.

fredag 13 juli 2012

casino and mingle night

yesterday we had a breakthrough,we finally went to the casino in town.Got a lastminute invitation to a newspaper that celebrated a anniversary with food and drinks and mingle.. at the rooftop on the terazze of the casino.Due to some mayor intake of alcohol the previous day,we weren't to eager to party the night away.Too bad,with unlimited drink-cards and good party music.Chatting with some doctors,dj's and other random people we had a chilled evening as the sunset fell over Malmö. Avoiding all the flicks and passes, the usual tactics of people trying to talk you into more partying we went safely home in time for some sex and city on tv.Here is some pics from our night!