lördag 30 juni 2012

5 ways to avoid tilt in poker

1.First of all,get to know your body and yourself better and  see what makes you calm and focused.For us it's eating healthy stuff that helps focus and our brains to develop and keeping the blood-sugar on a good base.We workout and do yoga 5 days a week to be healthy and be in-line with our bodies.

speaking of  it, doesnt this dude ruining our pic
 personify the word tilt?
2.Take a break,have a day off,do whatever makes you happy. We hang out with our friends,go shopping,eating dinners and taking mini vacations.

3.Take 1 hour of from poker and use it for studying for a week. Watch videos online,go through hands in pokerstove and holdemmanager.

4.If you wake up angry or sick or in any circumstance when you are not 100% good, avoid playing poker. Use the time doing any of the things above. Go out for a run,get some D-vitamin,listen to some happymusic and spoil yourself.You will see that your mood will get better and you will be much more unlikely to play under tilt.

5.Get rid of all the negative things in your life. Have friends that always seem to bring you down or being sarcastic?Don't hang out with them!Do you hate the colour of your walls or how messy the kitchen is?Change it!

these are some tips on how to avoid tilt,it's all about how you let yourself get affected of negativeness. If you get angry or upset easy, you also get happy easy,find a solution how to get happy and in a good mood easy by focusing on the good stuff.Don't let a stupid mistake or a bad call or whatever make your whole game suffer.We are just humans,we make mistakes...how could you make a living out of poker if everyone played it perfect all the time?Be happy if someone makes a bad play even if you loose as a favourite.It only means that in the end,you will make money out of that person.As long as there are bad players playing we can live out of poker,never forget that.

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  1. Best way to avoid tilt is to be CONSISTENT - good reads, good lay downs and picking good spots to extract chips. Keep your game simple (don't over think). If your consistent then overall your a winning player, simples....


  2. I can show u hand when I tilted at the last time.
    So sick! This is a final table of $109 freezeout. Normally, I just close a table and continue playing. But I had already a huge down swing, so..

    . I would be good blogger, huh?? :D


  3. consistent is a good word to describe the medicine for tilt while playing.There are many ways to avoid tilting but overall you should be in balance in both your life and your game I think.Ahh what a hand:(terrible!