lördag 30 juni 2012


the champagne is kickin in and we're dancing to the lambada :) here is a tipsy video post!


Been riding a bus the whole day through Sweden...finally we arrived in Malmö and our aunt came and picked us up. As we said before,we gonna spend July renting 2 rooms at her apartment and playing a lot of poker. But tonite is an exception,we are having champagne and wine and a sneekpeek of what Malmös nightlife is gonna give us.cheers!

5 ways to avoid tilt in poker

1.First of all,get to know your body and yourself better and  see what makes you calm and focused.For us it's eating healthy stuff that helps focus and our brains to develop and keeping the blood-sugar on a good base.We workout and do yoga 5 days a week to be healthy and be in-line with our bodies.

speaking of  it, doesnt this dude ruining our pic
 personify the word tilt?
2.Take a break,have a day off,do whatever makes you happy. We hang out with our friends,go shopping,eating dinners and taking mini vacations.

3.Take 1 hour of from poker and use it for studying for a week. Watch videos online,go through hands in pokerstove and holdemmanager.

4.If you wake up angry or sick or in any circumstance when you are not 100% good, avoid playing poker. Use the time doing any of the things above. Go out for a run,get some D-vitamin,listen to some happymusic and spoil yourself.You will see that your mood will get better and you will be much more unlikely to play under tilt.

5.Get rid of all the negative things in your life. Have friends that always seem to bring you down or being sarcastic?Don't hang out with them!Do you hate the colour of your walls or how messy the kitchen is?Change it!

these are some tips on how to avoid tilt,it's all about how you let yourself get affected of negativeness. If you get angry or upset easy, you also get happy easy,find a solution how to get happy and in a good mood easy by focusing on the good stuff.Don't let a stupid mistake or a bad call or whatever make your whole game suffer.We are just humans,we make mistakes...how could you make a living out of poker if everyone played it perfect all the time?Be happy if someone makes a bad play even if you loose as a favourite.It only means that in the end,you will make money out of that person.As long as there are bad players playing we can live out of poker,never forget that.

fredag 29 juni 2012

cleaning, barcelona + goodbye dinner

hi folks!

today we didnt have time for poker, we spent a couple of hours niclas apartment (we're heading to malmö tomorrow) and now i just booked a ticket to barcelona in september! even if i dont win a seat ill be there supporting sis.

now we are heading off to meet up with the girls for a goodbye dinner.


torsdag 28 juni 2012

a day in life

12.00 alarm clock
 12,15-starting my compu,checking fb and good news,excitement!N wrote me a msg that he maybe coming for a quick visit next week

12,30-drag myself out of bed
 12.35-yoga session

12,55-running into town
13,10-meeting up with Eve

13,10-15-lunch,coffe,carrot cake and chocolate cake

15-going through the sales for the 10th time this week
15,30-100e more poor but happier,new running shoes and working cloths!
16.00-getting hungry again
16,15-back home cooking beaf stew
16,30-wakeing up my brother

16,35-chatting with Pauline about her day
16,45-signing up on tournaments
17,tournaments start,eating,handling poker and food;complicated!
18-finished 5 touranaments,2 won entrys to bigger games,kicked out from 2 and 1 final table
18,15- 5 tourneys running, 5 more to come in 15 minutes!
18,20-checking my mail,fb and all other stupid stuff online
18,30-boom a lot of tourneys
 18,45-listening to a conversation about being exploaded or exploding in poker, between my brother and sister

18.55-listening to a fight between my brother and sister
19,00-moving out from the living room to the kitchen;silence
19,05-boiling a cup of vanilla tea,avoiding being dragged into the discussion!

19.30-a guy ask me in the poker chat if I'm russian,I tell him I'm swedish and he stops talking to me.
19,35-I write down all of this in the blog,to be continued...

onsdag 27 juni 2012

coffee and shopping.. again..

this morning we met up with eric and evelina for a breakfast at söderströms :) the sun is finally shining! after breakfast us girls continued with some shopping (even though i promised myself i wouldnt, i have way too many clothes already..). well the plan was to just do some window shopping, that was before i saw the huge "sales"-signs in all my favorite stores.. well i found some really nice stuff for just 5e, i compared that to poker and figured its what i spend on small easy breezy tourneys everyday, totally worth it! then i found stuff for 10e, well thats what i spend on 1,5k-2k tourneys, no biggie. it was not until i hit the "sunday special" prices a little vocie inside me told me to stop. i went to pay for my lovely bargains and got a little chock, what started out as a little 5e tourney turned in to a freakin monthly special! ah well, im gonna look really nice this summer with all my new clothes, still think its worth it :) 

now its time for poker!

here's some pics from this morning:

good stuff!

tisdag 26 juni 2012

and it get worse..

We just been through a hell of a day.In the middle of the grinding session the electricity went out in the whole town...we panicked,we had 1hour before our laptops went dead!We jumped in a car in pouring rain,sat the whole trip of 35 minutes playing while we got more and more carsick!Finally we came to our dads place in the middle of the countryside...we lost many games but I still have the 2 biggest on entraction to play.Lets hope we win,we are f-cking worth it!


We been asked to write more about poker,but since we live,eat and breath poker I will spare myself from it today.I will do myself a favour and write a post all about me;)I had a quite rough week without going into too much details..I been tested again and I surprise myself of how strong I actually am.I'm not unbreakable but I found an inner peace that I didn't have years ago.I learned,how cliché it may sound that after rain comes sun,always.The rootlessness and emptiness I can feel sometimes,it's not a bout me as a person but about finding "my" place.I am a dreamer,many people found it hard dealing with that,due to my change of mind and impulsiveness.I don't see it as a bad thing on the other hand,I proud to be a dreamer. It doesn't mean that I do or feel more than others,just that I can't escape or hide from it.I just live by it...well that was a little about me,now I will work earning some cash so I can make my dreams happen:)

måndag 25 juni 2012


girl-talk, fika and shopping

Today it's been raining all day long...what way to better spend it eating cakes and drinking coffe and shopping with friends:)and finish it up with a little grinding!have a nice monday!kisses


Hi!this evening I'm sitting in the sofa playing my last table for the day,pretty pleased with today's outcome!I won an emop package to Barcelona in September!I literary can't wait to go,it will be so much fun:)But before that I have a long needed vacation in august and a wedding waiting for me.
Next week me and Pauline are moving back to Malmö to rent a room by the seaside:)As a child I always dreamed of living by the seaside..nobody tells you as a child that dreaming of the future will be as hard to reach even when your 27...not that I'm un-pleased with my life,opposite I love it!It's just changes all the time,my dream,my goals...it's exhausting!But no matter if you're 7 or 27 you always dream away and wait for something bigger.Little did I know as a 7 year old that I would be a poker pro travelling around the world accompanied by my 2 siblings when I'm 27. I thought I would be a veterinary living in Malmö with 3 kids and 10 dogs:)

söndag 24 juni 2012

time for a home

i just read femis last post, i have the exact same feeling. we have been traveling around for years, sure its a privilege being able to work anywhere we want to and we have met so many interesting people but things have changed. before when we came back to sweden we came home, our home was at our parent's and even though we are always welcome its not the same anymore. we grew up and now we're not "home" when we're there, we're just visiting. its the same here, we're just visiting our brother and we can never really relax no matter where we go since we know we'll be packing our bags and be on our way soon. i thought i would be tired of sweden by now, i usually enjoy 2-3 weeks here and then i want to travel again. but im not tired of sweden, im tired of not having my own home, my own bed and building up relationships around the world and just tear it up by travelling again. i want to live in a town long enough to get the "home" feeling, get a gym card, build up relationships with the intention of keeping them for a long time, have all my clothes in a big wardrobe, my own bed and finally not getting jet lagged every other month.

another thing that i have missed is the cold (the natural cold not air conditioned),wearing my warm jumpers, knitted socks and drinking tea without sweating to death and going on walks breathing in fresh cold air, not polluted and hot. i feel that the best place to get all that is malmö, so soon we are gonna sign up for at least a years contract at an apartment there. sure im gonna be sick of sweden from time to time, but instead of moving every time im tired of it i'll just go on weekends or a shorter vacation. since we always travel it's impossible to save money, our plan is to open our own business in a couple of years so being able to put away money every month is important. i only have one issue, my man lives on the other side of the world.. ah, we'll figure it out :)

whoa that was a long and deep post haha.

have a great day :) 


the day been really slow and we been sitting all quiet in our own thoughts just playing poker..It's nice to stay at our brothers place,we all get along good most of the times.Although I miss the feeling to wake up in your own bed..it's never the same in another place.And the worst thing is that I haven't had my own bed for 7 years!?This should be a period when I just stop,look around and appreciate everything around me..but I'm not..at the moment the rootlessness and emptiness are kicking in again.As Pauline wrote,we had an incredible midsummer with good food and great people.I appreciate that,and the weather,thank god it wasn't raining:)I'm bout to watch a movie and sleep now,hoping to wake up with a smile and happy thoughts tomorrow!night!

lördag 23 juni 2012

good times

we had a great day+night yesterday! ate, drank, danced and laughed. it's times like these we love sweden the most :) here's a bunch of pics!

fredag 22 juni 2012


now its time for champagne-breakfast :) 


We are having problems sleeping,staying awake too many hours and the swedish light doesn't make it better. There is nothing worst than knowing you gonna have to wake up in a couple of hours with puffy eyes and crazy hair...like a living dead.AND it's midsummer tomorrow,the day when you want to look amazingly gorgeous in a dress.Not to mention the incredible hot guy I'm gonna have a skype date with tomorrow MORNING!It's childish that still after a year with skype dates from different kind of places on earth I do managed to get nervous and excited when I'm about to see him.I feel like some 16 year old with a huge blushing crush:)Well since I can't sleep and I feel like 16 I'm going to watch the serie "pretty little liars" about 4, 16 year old girls.Yeah I know,I have to live it up!kiss
17 and really cool

me and my best friend going to a party:)
Here are 2 pics of me when I was 16...or 17..

torsdag 21 juni 2012

midsummer and summer

Hi! Been out the whole morning,powerwalking in the sun and drinking a coffe in town.June is one of the best months to be in Sweden,the summer is starting,people graduate and everyone are just more happier!
Tomorrow we are looking forward to midsummer which is by far one of our best traditions.3 years ago I was in San Diego during midsummer. It was one of the strangest midsummers of my life. Me and my friend Jenny wanted to celebrate but couldn't find a place to be...then we found a forum on internet where they held an international party for everyone that missed their home country a little bit extra. We went there and ended up with a bunch of strangers celebrating midsummer Hawaiian-style...a strange memory indeed.Here is a picture from that midsummer:)

onsdag 20 juni 2012

butt post

note to self: dont you dare forget to stretch after doing a painfully hard butt workout !!! damn its hurting.

didnt really know what pic to add to this post so here you go! a funny (and hopefully only) picture of me squeezing my butt. not only am i squeezing my butt, i have the "pau is pleased"- face (we call it "nöjdbert minen") because i had just talked this guy into buying me a bottle of champagne. yeah it seems childish but(t) that was a year ago, i've matured, promise.


hey!Want to see something funny?go to google, write tilt in the search box:)

Then keep on reading this!As a pokerplayer one of the first things to deal with is going on tilt. Tilt is when you act upon your emotions and play a game while being more angry and making wrong decisions.Did you know that when we are angry we a programmed to act upon emotions and our IQ drops!It's because of our genes,when we where hunters and gatherers, it was a way to go out in war without being scared and think of the consequences.
staying home in PJs not going out
Anyway,in the beginning of our poker carrier we both used to tilt,but I think more a kind of "girly" tilt. We started to play a kind of "scared" game,overvaluing everyone else but ourselves.We got sad,depressed,questioned our game... it even got so far we didn't go out,didn't want to meet other people et.c.Luckily now we managed to deal with tilting in a good way,it makes us want to study even more...so,conclusion,poker isn't always fun and money!It's a though game,but if you know how to make the best out of it, it's totally worth all the up and downs and tilting:)
A solution was to take vacaction,sit in a park,get D vitamin and look at beatiful boys playing football;) 

a tilting day could look like this a year ago

tisdag 19 juni 2012

did i hear hardcore paleo?

i said i was gonna go all in with this paleo challenge, so todays food was roasted bone marrow :) here are some facts about it:

"Bone marrow is a prized and creamy food that we find in the middle of long bones like the femur or the humerus. It’s composed mostly of fat with a high amount of fat soluble vitamins and is an item that is really highly valued by all traditional cultures over the world.  It contains all the nutrients and substances that the body uses to build, repair, and maintain the living bones, from the inside out. It also is a great source of iron and calcium."

super healthy and super easy to make! thumbs up.


butt workout and fika in the sun

been having quite a busy morning with butt workout and a huge meal and coffe in the sun! We are soon one week with the hardcore workout and strict paleo diet and we feel great.The poker is going better each day and we have completely focus!Next day off we will be having on Friday, it's the famous midsummer. When people put flowers in their hair,drink Swedish alcohol and eat potatoes and raw fish and dance around a big penis made out of flowers and pretend to be frogs.Do we have to say we love this holiday??:D

måndag 18 juni 2012

paleo pau

just came back from a long run and now im about to do some push&pull-ups. im not gonna quit this paleo challenge :) im planning to have a big and nice breakfast while doing a little poker studying. yep another productive morning, not so exciting. me and femi are in a poker/exercise flow, hardly party or take nights off so i guess the blog kinda has to suffer a bit.

now imma build some muscles!


söndag 17 juni 2012

Hola!Buenos dias!

Had the worst day in years yesterday..So I think it's only fair to however reads this blog that I stop now.We want to hear funny happy stories not something when I almost died of a fucking migraine from hell.So starting next week I will make a real effort to be happy,cool and delightful.For now I give up and give you this pic of me and Pauline 1.5 years ago in BA...good old memories.have a nice day!

lördag 16 juni 2012


Goodmorning!Banana and a cup of tea and I'm off!Not the ideal breakfast but I can't barely move my body after yesterdays workout so I will be in one place only and do as little as possible,so no fancy pancy breakfast cooking here.Yesterday we had the first day of our hardcore paleo&workout challenge...we will write more another day when time is available...7 weeks to reach our goal!

happy ending

today was yet another good poker day for both of us! i even got called "peo il grande" tonight(everyone thinks im an italian guy).

the pic has nothing to do with us, but we were talking about russians the other day and then i just saw this pic. no words needed.


fredag 15 juni 2012


Just a short message,we are both trying to win tickets to play emop Barcelona!We would love too see our "poker" friends live!Would be great too meet up in BCN!!We already have a bunch of friends going so hopefully (if we manage to win entry) we will have an awesome time!
Peep,Gubberen&Gifu ome on!

"friends" with benefits

Pauline just made a post about our day so I will make another one about something completely different. With a full mailbox,phone with messages to be answered but no credit. My focus is somewhere completely different than friends and relationships now...I guess all pokerplayers goes into this "coma" when we eat,breath and sleep poker...add an extra spice of training and food and there you have me.I always been bad at keeping my contacts and spoil my friends with my attention...but this time I notice something strange...my friends are starting to grow up,marriage,kids,houses..I decided yesterday after work to do a little research,logged into my new best gossip friend called MRS Facebook!

A real true awakening, not only 1 but like 10 friends got kids,5 got married and almost everyone have a steady relationship and job,volvo and house...I'm amazed,when did this happen?,ofcourse, I noticed all the news and pictures that gets pushed into your face daily, but I never really took a close look.Somewhere in all my travelling and pokerplaying I lost them into the world of grown-ups.Then another thing that struck me was my list of friends...Last week I made a "lifechangeing" ,I accepted the "yes" you are in a relationship. So there i was making a joke to Pauline about how many guys will delete me from facebook now...I guess you really have to watch what you are saying sometimes,yesterday I saw that not only 1 but 5 guys deleted me..supposingly "friends",well yeah right.So there's a mind-opener,who are really your friends?I mean I have 405 friends on facebook,but only 20 remember my birthday,only 10 show up if I had a crisis and only 5 I can trust and maybe 1 knows all my secrets...

ok,wow this got long,all my poker tables are popping up.I'm off. BTW as the rubric says,friends with benefits...it doesn't work,it never did and it never will:)

good start

we started this morning with yoga and then we did core strength workouts until exhaustion. before work we watched some poker videos and now we just started working, man we're doing well now! it's gonna be a productive month :)

now im gonna finish my organic coffee with heavy cream and coconut oil and focus on the poker!

today we're grinding to this music: