söndag 20 maj 2012

Yesterday we took a night off from poker and went to explore Malmö city:)First stop was a Greek restaurant with our mum and her husband..delicious lamb racks and tzatziki and wine.After the dinner we wanted to find the pub zone,the main park in Malmö...easier sad than done...trying to locate the buses running back and forth on the street we finally gave up and stopped a bus and asked.easy piecy we just had ta walk a few blocks down...heading down we stumbled on a place we recognized,saw a huge poster with a beautiful guy on it.apparently he was gonna play in a couple of minutes,we took a look at each other and agreed.we went inside.The place was filled with girls(ah Sweden)everybody anxiously waiting for the guy to hit stage.The music was really good,the guy really cute and the wine tasted better and better...after the concert we hit the dance floor, a Turkish guy didn't let us be alone for a minute desperately dancing and trying while we trying to get rid of him. Which is quite normal giving that he was in paradise surrounded by blond girls..he wasn't gonna step away...so finally we had enough and left the club...it was a fun night except the fact that we managed to take the wrong bus,get car sick and then walk a couple of xtra blocks....well that's all...here are some pics.

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