måndag 21 maj 2012

the wild brunch

we got a request about a topic from a reader, she wanted to read more about our stories and things that has happened while travelling etc. so me and femi agreed to a new type of post- one of us choose the title and then the other one has to write a post about a story of ours that comes to mind.

now she picked the title "the wild brunch" and i'll write a post about it.

the first thing that i think about is a brunch we had in france. okay i'll tell you why we ended up having brunch in the country side of france and how it got a little out of line. we were picked by the swedish slow food community to represent sweden in that years terra madre that was held in france, tours (terra madre is a yearly food festival that promotes ecological, organic and locally produced food). all the representatives from the different countries around the world were hosted by a family in and around the city of tours. me and femi got to stay with an old couple in a village  on the country side. at the welcome brunch the couple gathered other families around the village that also were hosting slow fooders and every family brought something that they had made or grown.

when we got there we mingled a bit, me and femi were both singles at the time and had both spotted a cute guy at the other side of the room. after chatting with some locals it was time for the brunch, a big buffet with lots of cheeses, pates and meat dishes was served and we were starving so we put a LOT of food on our plates. when we sat down at the table (all in all we were about 12 people) they were joking about how much the swedish little girls ate. the food was absolutely horrible, it all had a weird soil taste. after two glasses of wine i had an idea, the brunch wasn't so funny so to spice things up i asked femi if she wanted to do our "challenge game"- basically we give each other embarrassing challenges and get punished if we don't follow through. femi was somewhat tipsy as well and thought that was a great idea. femi started with mine, the cheeses were absolutely horrible and tasted just like sheep smells and since we saw that the cute guy didn't try any of the cheeses, my challenge was to ask him why he didn't try the cheese and then go with him to the buffet and make him put as much cheese as possible on his plate. yep thing was an embarrassing one, but the wine sure helped. "hello you! yeah you, why didn't you try the cheese?" he told me he wasn't a big fan of cheeses and then i replied "oh my, then you haven't tried this one, you'll love it, come here and lets get some". my plan worked and he went with me to the buffet, i put a whole brie cheese (the brie was the worst one of them all) on his plate and then went back to my seat and started to think about a nice equally as embarrassing challenge for femi.(the guy gave me the angry face the rest of the meal and did not finish his cheese). she happened to sit next to the farmer that produced the cheeses, her challenge was to ask as much as possible about how he made them,what the secret to their deliciousness was and tell him it was the tastiest cheese she ever tried. she did her challenge. but it all backfired on both of us, the farmer had overheard what i told the cute guy and he noticed that no one was eating the cheeses, he stood up and said that "these swedish girls absolutley love my cheeses, i see that no one is eating them ,is it okay if we give them the last two trays?" everyone gladly said yes and the two huge trays of cheese were passed on to us. by then the WHOLE table were looking at us, wanting to see how we actually could take another bite of that awful tasting cheese, and i think i even noticed an evil smile on the face of the cute guy. we figured we had to finish at least one of the trays, said and done, we doubled the wine and forced 2 discusting brie cheeses down. after that we felt so sick the couple drove us home.

yep that's my story of "the wild brunch".

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  1. Oh gooooosh this was very hard to read.. ;)