fredag 11 maj 2012

what I want

Its hard to know what you want,usually it's easier to see what you don't want,but it always so depressing with all the "dont's"instead of the positive things.So I been thinking, and after reading a blog, talking with a friend I have a sudden urge to write down what I want. I know exactly what I want,that's a good thing,the bad thing is that I do realize what I want is maybe a to high demand.

First of all I want someone that respect me,that listens to me and value what I say. He don't have to agree with everything I say or do just understand and respect it. To be with someone that adore and worship you is the perfect scene. Not that I have the need to be worshipt,I want to be amazed and strucked by my man,I want him to be the same by me.Of course I want him to love my body and think that my flaws are the one that makes me special.I want someone that never gets satisfied with just "being". In all of the subjects such as sex,travelling,relationships,job et.c. He don't have to be a millionaire he just have to have the goals to be one. He can't be greedy and ungenerous, he has to be wanting spending money on me, "us".I want to have outrageous sex with him,but also be able just to make love to him. He don't have to share all my passions,but if he likes travelling and food he's a step ahead.I want him to have goals and determination. I want him to surprise me, doesn't matter with what just the fact that he has imagination is good enough.Like every girl on the planet I want presents like dinners,trips,cloth,jewellery but if he managed to give me something different I will be amazed.I want passion and I want someone that makes me laugh.I want to look at him everyday and be surprised that I can love him more each day. I want to have fights,I want to have misunderstandings,I want all those normal things but I want the way we solve them to be special.At last I want someone that thinks out of the bubble and never is pleased with good enough,I want the best!Simple as that;)

An yes I do understand when my friend tells me that I will end up marrying myself;)So enough about wantings,now I NEED to work!A kiss from me and now starts the grinding.

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