fredag 4 maj 2012


Left Holland wensday...was hard to leave so I got called 3 times and managed to be the last one to enter the flight..arrived in sweden and found out that my trainticket needed to be printed by me and couldn't be printed at their,either I had to buy a new one or somehow manage to get wifi and prove that I actually had a valid argentinian phone cudden't get internet access,so the only choice was to find a network for my computer...5 minutes before the train left I saw a swebus enter the station,ran to the bus asked to enter and use their wifi,found my ticket and saved it on the computer...jumped off,ran to the train that closed the doors in my face...screamed and hit the doors and a guy managed to press the stop button and let me in....the rest of the trip was awful...every change I had to make meant that I had to bring up my computer,explain the whole thing to them and hope that it worked...after 5 hours I was home...tonight I'm gonna grind since I been without internet "poker" for 2 days..been drinking wine,coffe,talking on phone and gossiping for some hours now so I need a poker paus..this is yesterday when we went to eat some food and drink wine

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