lördag 19 maj 2012

So Pauline covered our morning.. I'm just going to share some of my frustration over poker as usual!As u all know by know we are both regulars on entraction,we are both girls with almost the same names Pauline and Paulina...(I usually use my name Eufemia,but in my passport my 1st name is Paulina)this can be slightly complicated in normal life,then just imagine in pokerlife!!When you sign up at a new site they always seem to think that you want to scam them. At first the always asking 100 questions about why you are from Sweden,while you're adres is in Argentina and why you are playing in the Brazilian time zone...after covering that part they often start to notice that you have 2 persons with almost identical names Pauline and Paulina Liden...(thanks mum&dad)so again they will lock your account and ask you to send in ID,Passport and something to prove that you are you. Often by now I already given up and started to play on entraction again cause it all a waste of time(yes I'm a pokerplaying thereby saying very lazy)...so now after 2 days of trying to open an account on redbet,we still have our accounts frozen.yey.!!!?!!So the moral of today is; DON'T name your kids similar names.please

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  1. Me and my brother have the same first name, we experienced the same problem as you with poker sites locking our accounts until you send them valid I.D, it only takes 2mins to take camera picture of passport/driving license and attach it to email and send it off,simples

    peepfreek :)

  2. haha yeah it sounds simple but so annoying,now I have a good photo saved but it took me 3 attempts to send and resend it cause they thought the quality was shit;)lol