fredag 11 maj 2012


productive day today! did yoga in the morning (managed to faint as i was doing my warrior pose, how ironic is that?), went to the hairdresser, watched a poker video, played for 5 hours, watched another video and now i just finished going through my hands. after this post i'm finally gonna relax and watch some grey's anatomy. 

i had a conversation with my poker coach today, i have been having a downswing these past days and it's been effecting my poker-confidence (having a downswing during pms can reaaally screw you up). he told me that i am to result oriented, happy the days i win and down the days i lose. poker is about long term results and you are gonna lose a little a fair amount of the time, there's nothing you can do about that. all you can and should do is focus on playing as many games as possible (the more you play the faster you get out of the downswing), always play as good as possible (don't distract yourself  while playing by checking facebook or youtube etc) and save the hands where you're not certain you made the right decision and go through them in holdem manager or poker tracker later. if you then would win or loose at the end of the day it doesn't matter. so he told me to click the "hide account info" (the button which shows you your account balance) and not unclick it for a entire month. said and done! no more is the daily poker results gonna effect my mood :) speaking of daily poker result, i won 1100 euros today so i'm pretty much out of the downswing and ready for a new and happier month!

now it's time for hot doctors and drama.

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