torsdag 17 maj 2012

poker problems

Today I have 2 coffes in town booked and grinding set for the evening. Yesterday our main issue consisted of poker,poker and poker.Seems that our poker site are giving up on us,no good tourneys,nothing of direct value anymore..which leaves a direct consequence of angry poker players.Been writing to the site now and hope that they will change this stupid thing.It's hard time for us now,and we deal with it in different ways..I just drank 10 cups of coffe while crying too topmodel, burying myself in feeling sorry for my self thoughts...while Pauline is handling it slightly different.She looked herself into the bedroom and gonna try to sleep the whole day through...I just took a picture of her,seems like a pretty good idea;)haha

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  1. entraction reg17 maj 2012 19:16

    same problem here, been having entraction as my main site for 3 years, i can understand some of the changes they have made lately because they cant have tourneys that never fill up, but some of the tournaments they removed were almost always reaching the guarantee.
    Really dont understand, good u mailed them i will try do it myself in a day or two, if it not works i guess i have to start looking for a real job soon lol