torsdag 3 maj 2012

overslept this morning so i missed the yoga class, damn! had to get up and start grinding right away. today is a good poker day with a lot of valuable tournaments, just had a cup of coffee and now im ready to grind. yesterday was an okay day, got a lot of prizes but also made a lot of buy-ins and rebuys and i bubbled 3 times so i wasn't up by a huge amount when the day was over. i usually don't tilt when i bubble but when LISKII is the one eliminating me it's worse, i hate that player! but a player i like is a fish (break even) at the low stakes torunaments, i'm his absolute idol and he writes stuff like "i'm amazed by your talent", "i wish i had your shark graph" and after every play i make i get a "well played pau!!" so cute. there are many players with a lot better results on sharkscope than me, i hope he doesn't look them up haha.

ok time to play!

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