fredag 18 maj 2012

new plans

In all the chaos we finally found some peace with the "where to live" problem. Seems that we gonna spend the summer in Sweden (again). We have a kind of love-hate towards Sweden,it's our birth country,it's our "home" but we often feel more home in other places than just here. After a discussion we both decided that it's time to stay in one place more than just a month. So,we gonna start here,then see where the wind takes us...our primary goal is poker this and the next year. We want to have a normal life and a grinding schedule set,so we actually can save up our earnings. After spending the latest years living in Brazil,Argentina,Uruguay,Italy and more we need some steady ground and some reasons "not" to spend our money... Lets just hope the poker client get them self together and start giving us tourneys with value.Today we have another goal though,we gonna get 2 tickets too EMOP Bulgaria!

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