söndag 13 maj 2012

I'm preparing for my favourite grinding day of the week,Sunday!Ate a huge breakfast with bacon,egg and green tee!good for the focus with all the healthy protein and I will stay full longer!Then a 30 minutes yoga in the sun for focus and D vitamin!yesterday I was completely destroyed after a day in town including a visit to IKEA and the zoo...after seeing more people in one day than the past week I was feeling too tired.Tried to play but fell asleep in front of my compu...so the grinding didn't go as I expected to say at least lol:)
Hopefully today I will earn a star in sharkscope..my poker coach just told me that I need to win just a couple of 100e and I will get it!Last time I got a star we where living in BA and went to the most fancy pancy restaurant in town.Unfortunately it wasn't that impressing,although we got like 3 waiters each and a table so big we could barely reach each other..the picture is from there.

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