torsdag 17 maj 2012

i woke up an hour ago, just checked our blog and apparently i sleep with my hand on my face, whats up with that? anyway, i was gonna blog about my disappointment over not being able to play on entraction as profitably but i saw that femi already covered that part. we both feel it's time to move on though and we are gonna look for other networks to play on. it is hard to stop (or cut down) playing there, i have played on entraction my whole poker career.. ah well, this way we will play more expensive tournaments in one day and hopefully increase our hourly rate, nothing bad comes that doesn't bring about something good.

today i can't grind until tonight since our grandparents are coming to town to see us, i do however have some emop finals that i satelited into that i have to play later tonight. femi is in town having coffee with a friend while im spending the afternoon studying my ass off. im trying to replay whole tournaments on holdem manager but it keeps freezing, i guess i'll watch some videos instead. anyway, im gonna finish my coffee and then jump right into studying. here is a photo of my tired self - yeah it may look dark and scary but this morning i don't give a fuck, peep. 

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