lördag 19 maj 2012

good morning!

we both just woke up, we were supposed to to yoga this morning but i woke up with a hurting ear (?!). instead im gonna spend the morning going through yesterdays hands and take it easy. tonight we are going to a birthday dinner and after that we're going out to a club. yesterday night we laid in bed complaining about missing our guys, 5 mins later the cats came in, one crawled up beside femi and one beside me, they will do as replacements for now :)

i had a good first pokerday, 1100e is not too bad! now it's time for breakfast. since we don't want to disappoint our readers, here's a lingerie photo.

1 kommentar:

  1. hmmm... this game is called who's ass is who's? my guess would be ass nearest Eufemia and the other is Pauline (shame you both aint wearing thongs)

    peepfreek :))