söndag 13 maj 2012

finishing up the last tables for today, i have no idea if it went good or bad, man it's hard to resist checking my bankroll! especially when i get a big price or win a tournament, it just feels so good seeing it grow haha. yesterday me and ian went to the beach and then i worked for a couple of hours. after work we had dinner at a restaurant nearby, we had to wait for about 1 hour to even get seated but the food was geat!

today we went out to have breakfast and then i started working as soon as we got back, yep that's all. since a reader told me i looked scary and dark in my webcam photos im not gonna take one now, i'll post the rest of the bright and happy photos from our trip instead :) (the same reader also wanted to read more about sexy underwear so i don't know how serious i should take his opinions haha). after work i have to pack because im going back to sweden tomorrow, it's gonna be nice to go back and meet family and friends but it's not fun leaving my bf..


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