fredag 4 maj 2012


trying to calm myself down after the worst poker day iv'e ever had. thursdays and sundays are the most expensive days, you either win a lot or loose a lot. and that's fine, that's poker - you just play your best. i always try playing my best so that wasn't the issue today. in the middle of the most important tournaments the worse thing possible happens, internet shuts off. 5k, 2 final tables to emop, 2,5k- you name it i played it. at first i didn't really know how to react so i started walking around in circles around the apartment hitting myself in the head and swearing (after i checked the modem ofc), then i lied down on the couch and kept swearing. after a while i realized this was not a quick easy breezy 2 min internet break (sometimes that happens here too) so tried getting help from the neighbors without any luck. 1 and a half hour later i realized i had one last option, i went down to the porter and asked if he had my boyfriends phone number, he did and 30 min later he came home and i could connect to his 3g. not so surprising i was eliminated from most of the tournaments and the grey color the nick gets when you're offline just looked so sad. i managed to recover the damage a little the last two hours but damn it was a bad day. on top of it all i have pms, now im done with poker and hell no i ain't finishing of with a poker video. chocolate and a good movie might help.

bye, hope your day was better than mine!

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