onsdag 16 maj 2012

back in sweden after 9 months away

the sunday was spent grinding, even though it was my last night in rio it is impossible to miss out on so much value (sunday is the best poker day of the week). when i was done me and my bf had about 1 hour until i had to leave for the flight, that hour was spent in the bedroom, far away from the computer :) at the airport we had another hour of waiting, we didn't let eachother go the entire hour, i have left rio twice before but this time was the hardest since we know it's gonna be two and a half months until we see eachother again. ah well, plenty of time to focus on poker and have some sister-time (which i have missed a lot!).

the flight went smooth, i slept 8 out of 11 hours! never been able to do that before. well the three seats i had to myself might have had something to do with that .. when i arrived in london i had 3 hours until my flight to stockholm took off so i used that time to go through my database and checked for poker leaks. i had a lot go go through and i think every poker player dreads going through their database in detail like that. but when you're done it's really worth it, found a lot i had to work on. once i was in stockholm i had another 8 hours of travelling (train) until i finally arrived in malmö, hours of sleep out of those 8?zerozerito.

femi and mom picked me up at the station at 6 in the morning, my plan was to go to sleep as soon as i got back but it's impossible for me and femi not having at least 2 hours of catching up right away after this much time apart. when it started get difficult keeping my eyes open i hit the bed.

femi woke me up this afternoon and we went to continue the catching up at a cafe nearby, after a couple of hours of that we got back and started working. since i no longer check my results i don't know how it went, i suspect it was and even out day.  now im gonna watch a movie and then go to sleep!

good night!

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