fredag 4 maj 2012

tha job

me playing the bpt this year
as you know me and sis have a very special job, we are our own bosses, we can work pretty much anywhere in the world as long as we have internet, we can look and behave the way we want to during work, it is a male dominated job but the salary is not affected by that- it's about talent and hard work (the way it should be), we can work behind the computer or if we feel extra social we can go and play live and finally we don't pay taxes. yeah i like my job. and it is not like we don't have coworkers, we do but in a different way. our coworkers are called "the regulars or regs, sharks etc", sure we compete but the money mostly come from all the bad players in the tournament. i'm gonna tell you a little about my coworkers and give you a better insight of the atmosphere at work.

typically, there are at least 2-3 good players at the table. the higher price of the tournament the more good players you'll find. i don't know much at all about my coworkers but i'm gonna give you a list of their poker nicks and what i know and think about them:

pocol237 - my absolute favorite player and also my dear poker coach. he is one of the best players at the site, if not the best (although he doesn't play that much on entraction anymore). unexploitable tight aggressive player and one of the most genuine and honest person i know.

kipster7- i have been playing with kipster since my very first tournament 2010. he is a grumpy irish guy
who loves to complain in the chat and writes stuff like "well played, NOT" (even when he wins the pot). lately he has been complaining about his 2 month downswing. i just think he really needs to get laid. 

-appell- - very good player (if i remember correctly he won split 1st place in last years emop). we're form the same home town and i remember in the 1st grade he threw a stick in my head and gave me the angry face on my way back from school, for many years that was my only perception of him but luckily that has changed :) (he still usually walks around with that face though)

gifuhorna-  great player and has been getting pretty talkative lately. he was very supportive after my crisis yesterday and i never thought i'd be talking about pms and issues in the poker chat. (from what i understand he is also a frequent follower of the blog)

peepfreek88- also a great player who's also pretty talkative. funny and british sums it up fine :)

commndrcrow - fellow swedish, not very fond of me. he is a good player and knows the importance of getting in a lot of volume, last year he played 6500 games and so far this year he already played 2000

awojj- good player from belgium, always writes positive things in the chat like good game, good luck etc. i love positive people!

eltriskas - last but not least the absolute toughest guy to play against, he has made the sickest moves i have seen and is very unpredictable. one 1k rebuy tournament he rebought 20 times (average is like 2-3 if you happen to bust out). i have no idea what he looks like but this is how i imagine him

now you know a little more about our working circumstances! there are of course a lot more regs but most of them are just quiet and don't really stand out of the crowd. ok time to get back to work!

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  1. Nice blog! but were is -thesin- the italian no1 guy detour, La$$ur and Big-samson in your blog :)

  2. thanks!yeah we have to look into that!keep you posted:)