måndag 7 maj 2012

1.best poker player in the world?
the best player in the world would be phil ivy
2.best "poker memory?
playing the lapt and partying up with daniel negreanu afterwards!
3.when did you realized that you could live and work as a pro player?
june last year
4.worst downswing period?
a 1 and a half month downswing in buenos aires, i think it was october until november
5.which pokerplayer would you like to go on a date with?what would the date look like?
either patrick antonius or phil ivy. go to a restaurant and have a nice dinner + wine.
6.best about your job?worst?
the best about my job is being my own boss, being able to live anywhere in the world, not paying taxes and being able to keep getting better and earning more money. the worst is that it can be hard to handle downswings, especially being as emotional as i am and sometimes i can get lazy. and not getting a work pension.
7.biggest misconception people have about pokerplayer as an occupation?
a big misconception is that people think it's gambling and have no idea how much skill vs. luck it is. people often think it is easy to play or become a poker player which is not true, it takes a lot of hard work! comments like "he would be a good poker player, he's got the poker face" and "i know your tell, now i can beat you in poker" are common comments and prove the lack of knowledge people commonly have about poker, it's so much more complex than that.
8.how would you describe your playing style?
tight aggressive
9.if you won wsop 2012,what would you do with the monay?
i would invest, buy a cottage in the south of sweden, start planning our café for real and probably go on a nice trip or two :)
10.where do you see yourself in 10 years?
in ten years i see myself living in a big house with a huge garden somewhere in a warm country, either with femi in it or at least have her as my neighbor and we would run our organic café. i also see a hot man by my side!

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