måndag 23 april 2012


I'm still sick stuck in bed,but today I will try to play some poker.Managed to upload  pictures from the weekend. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in a city called Valkenburg,an old city close to the boarder of Germany. We ate good food,went to spa,rested and drank wine basically. The spa was a new experience for me. In Sweden we are divided in girls and boys when we hit the sauna,that was not the fact in Holland.Never seen so many naked people at the same time.obviously it was hard not to look where you should not look.Even harder to have conversations with people...in the sauna I was starting to get dizzy,not only the fact that there was like 10 people butt naked laying in different positions...but I actually was starting to get sick... started to breath heavily trying not to panic a guy laying across the seat sat up and eyed me a little...then he told me to go out and take some air..I tried not to look anywhere else but his face but as he was talking to me he scratch his balls so despite my best effort I felt the urge to vomit and went out quick as hell and stayed in the bathroom for some time.No,I'm not a sizzy but the whole experience was new to me so it was different,but for sure I will do it again...when I feel better;)

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