torsdag 5 april 2012

so I'm off!

 BA airport.Was standing in line to go through the last scanner before leaving.The guard asks me in spanish if these are all my bags together,I say yes and here a NO behind me...a little bit irritated I turn around and see this guy looking at me,confusion-why did he say no?the guard asks again and this time I hear him asking something completely different from what I heard first-are you too together,ah NO I answer...the guy says YES with a huge smile and a blink, this time and the guard starts to get irritated...-so how is it he asks again inpatient...-ehm NO- I say putting my bags in the scanner-the guy ask me if I need help and I reply with a quick NO,my checks are red I'm tired,hungry not in mood for any conversations even though it's a handsome stranger...managing to grab the bag a little too fast and miss that it's stuck in the table...fall straight to the ground(the bag was 17kg) and here a whistling behind me...great,just perfect!!hurry out to get a taxi and  again to take the wrong line just to see the guy from before entering a taxi on the other side without any line...phu..just my luck...did I mention I love travelling;)this is a picture when we went travelling with a hippiebus in Uruguay..

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