måndag 30 april 2012

naw that's nice of you sis! thinking of me while you're poppin' champagne and partying it up there in holland. i thought of you this morning too, when i woke up totally rested and far from hangover, 600e richer and headed for a refreshing yoga class in a 25 degree hot rio :) unfortunately it's monday today and i thought it was tuesday so there was no yoga, instead i did a full-body workout and 10 min cardio. i have been going to this gym for about a month and there is an instructor that has been flirting with me (without any success) and today when i was at a machine working my legs he took the courage to come talk to me. he said something in portuguese and i nodded, and then he started doing a hand gesture, i did the same gestue and smiled, then quickly out of nowhere he bended over me, grabbed some kind of belt and buckled me, gave me a thumbs up and walked away. men are weird.

well now it's time for poker, hopefully femi will give you a more interesting update about her evening :)

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