onsdag 25 april 2012

long time no see

update from brazil!

well i guess it's  about time i posted something here, i've been getting complains from my sister. i've been saying i'll post as soon as something exciting happens and today i got some nice poker related news, i might be playing the bpt this weekend :) of course that's not the first exciting thing that's happened since i last posted, i've just been lazy.. a lot has happened, i've been to new york and on my way back i made a pit stop in the caribbean. don't have much pics but the once i got i'll post  later. greeeaat vacation!

back in brazil i have made up for the long vacation i had, i have been grinding like crazy! it's been going pretty good so far. and i have made up for all the treats and non working out time as well, going to the gym every day. 3 days a week yoga and the rest of the days i do a mix of strength and cardio. it's very important to exercise when you have such a sedentary job like mine.

now i'm in bed stretching after today's workout and after that i'm gonna make breakfast: avocado, prosciutto ham and some coconut. after breakfast i usually make a nice cup of organic coffee with full fat cream and go through yesterdays hands.

ciao for now!

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