lördag 28 april 2012

good morning!

going through yesterdays hands drinking my morning coffee. i've been trying a new mix: cream, coconut oil and cinnamon with a tea spoon of butter, it doesn't sound very nice but damn it's good! today im not gonna workout, saturdays are my day off and we were supposed to go to the beach but of course there's no sun. my bf suggested some other things we could do, i gently declined and now 10 minutes later im signing up for a nice pokerday. honestly that's what i wanted to do anyway so im not disappointed at all. it's important to keep up the hours when you're in a pokerflow, if you take time off, escpecially a longer period of time it takes a while to get back on track.

well since all i do nowadays is play poker, eat, sleep and workout i don't have much more to blog about (well i do some other stuff to but that's not blogging material hehe). oh i forgot, im not gonna play the bpt, the tournament is not in rio and the cost of getting there + plus hotel would cost about as much as the buy in, and its one of the most boring cities in brazil so we are gonna do something nice for that money instead. whenever i decide to take some time off poker.

ok first tournament coming up.

if you can spare 27 minutes of your time i highly recommend watching this video!

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