onsdag 11 april 2012

dont worry be happy

Wednesday...was gazing trough fb and saw that life looks pretty doll for my friends. Same old story,I did this,my boyfriend did that,look how good this plate of food looks,look at my new baby...bla bla...(with a risk of being a little short sighted)(sorry)would be fun to read something really chocking for once..At least my grandfather seems to have a good time,he just posted that he is listening to the anchor gardener...the truth to be told,I would rather do that than 90% of the stuff that the other people do;)you go grandaddy!Then we have the people that writes out all their misery on fb,oh my god...please call someone!I mean of course you should tell about upsides and downsides of life,but comon...every second day?Don't worry be happy...

So back to Holland,I like it here,maybe a little bit too much,don't know how long I will be staying but now I really don't feel like Sweden.I'm not worrying I'm just happy.chau a big kiss

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