måndag 16 april 2012


yesterday I basically stayed in bed all day,all due to a massive nausea,headache and a desire to bury myself under tuns of blankets for the rest of the month. yes today I feel better,but again,I wont be going to more tecno party's for some time... high-heels and a short dress; a massive punch in the face with the freezing ass cold weather and the party where heals where banned...and the rail-road  under constructions and the extra buses where not just happening (shall I continue)haha lol...as an extra little surprise I got a bunch of messages and phone-calls that shake up my wonderful world...I'm just saying karma is a bitch,so tonight when I will be playing the freezeout at the casino I better be winning!Now I have to replace some important fluids in my body and get out of my angelina jolie trash look..

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