måndag 30 april 2012

naw that's nice of you sis! thinking of me while you're poppin' champagne and partying it up there in holland. i thought of you this morning too, when i woke up totally rested and far from hangover, 600e richer and headed for a refreshing yoga class in a 25 degree hot rio :) unfortunately it's monday today and i thought it was tuesday so there was no yoga, instead i did a full-body workout and 10 min cardio. i have been going to this gym for about a month and there is an instructor that has been flirting with me (without any success) and today when i was at a machine working my legs he took the courage to come talk to me. he said something in portuguese and i nodded, and then he started doing a hand gesture, i did the same gestue and smiled, then quickly out of nowhere he bended over me, grabbed some kind of belt and buckled me, gave me a thumbs up and walked away. men are weird.

well now it's time for poker, hopefully femi will give you a more interesting update about her evening :)

söndag 29 april 2012

this is what my day looks like:)don't worry little sis I'll think of you

this is what my day looks like.

over and out.


lördag 28 april 2012

good morning!

going through yesterdays hands drinking my morning coffee. i've been trying a new mix: cream, coconut oil and cinnamon with a tea spoon of butter, it doesn't sound very nice but damn it's good! today im not gonna workout, saturdays are my day off and we were supposed to go to the beach but of course there's no sun. my bf suggested some other things we could do, i gently declined and now 10 minutes later im signing up for a nice pokerday. honestly that's what i wanted to do anyway so im not disappointed at all. it's important to keep up the hours when you're in a pokerflow, if you take time off, escpecially a longer period of time it takes a while to get back on track.

well since all i do nowadays is play poker, eat, sleep and workout i don't have much more to blog about (well i do some other stuff to but that's not blogging material hehe). oh i forgot, im not gonna play the bpt, the tournament is not in rio and the cost of getting there + plus hotel would cost about as much as the buy in, and its one of the most boring cities in brazil so we are gonna do something nice for that money instead. whenever i decide to take some time off poker.

ok first tournament coming up.

if you can spare 27 minutes of your time i highly recommend watching this video!

fredag 27 april 2012


still in bed,watching some sex and the city...this is a pretty funny picture,although I never got my heart broken I bet I would look like shit if it ever happened:)like now for example
as the cold wasn't enough I got another punch in the face with a little piece of sinusitis...just lovely!But yesterday it was that birthday party,and I had to drink and smile.I See now that my lack of knowing better pays off with a huge ache in my sinuses and head.wanted to be healthy though and do a little yoga in the morning...after hearing the "your body is a temple"shit for 2 minutes I gave up and jumped out of my headstand right into bed.I'm still here feeling sorry for myself.I feel a bit like I did in this picture,except that I then had a huge anguish over everything that happened the night before.

torsdag 26 april 2012


im eating some eggs and asparagus cooked in a lot of butter, drinking coffee and starting up the first tables of the day. before i went to bed last night i tried putting an oil on my eyelashes, it's supposed to make them grow faster. this morning i woke up and i couldn't open my eyes and the little i could open was blurry as hell. i had to get up for yoga and determined as i am i stumbled out of bed and tried to find my yoga outfit, my flip flops and ipod. it wasn't until half way to the gym my sight returned to normal. creepy oil. yoga was good, the teacher was as crazy as usual and we ended the class with a nice song.

now it's time to focus on poker!

girls and boys

Pauline finally woke up and started to write:)yey!Last night the guys watch football and I disappeared into a movie with Brad Pitt. Think I will have to be more social today since we have a birthday coming up...next week I will be back with my own group of GIRL friends,which is pretty comforting. Not that I don't like being surrounded by guys it's just easier to be with people who knows your history, the names of your biggest mistakes and that speak Swedish!:P..Dutch in all honour but not understanding more than cabbage,cauliflower,hot and exactly wont get you far...although I feel it's growing on me..so I'm off to play some poker (surprisingly)
see ya

lionel richie and bad beats

today was'nt the best pokerday ever, there's been a lot of bad beats. still have 3 tournaments to go but with todays luck my hopes are not high.. right now im listening to lionel richie, not my standard grinding music or something i usually listen to but i just really felt like listening to cheesy music and lionels work fits perfectly.

after the session im gonna watch a poker video and then do some yoga to get my mind off poker and stretch my muscles.

onsdag 25 april 2012

long time no see

update from brazil!

well i guess it's  about time i posted something here, i've been getting complains from my sister. i've been saying i'll post as soon as something exciting happens and today i got some nice poker related news, i might be playing the bpt this weekend :) of course that's not the first exciting thing that's happened since i last posted, i've just been lazy.. a lot has happened, i've been to new york and on my way back i made a pit stop in the caribbean. don't have much pics but the once i got i'll post  later. greeeaat vacation!

back in brazil i have made up for the long vacation i had, i have been grinding like crazy! it's been going pretty good so far. and i have made up for all the treats and non working out time as well, going to the gym every day. 3 days a week yoga and the rest of the days i do a mix of strength and cardio. it's very important to exercise when you have such a sedentary job like mine.

now i'm in bed stretching after today's workout and after that i'm gonna make breakfast: avocado, prosciutto ham and some coconut. after breakfast i usually make a nice cup of organic coffee with full fat cream and go through yesterdays hands.

ciao for now!

i want

.an apartment set for the summer
.crushing the poker tables for the rest of the year
.have emop Bulgaria ticket
.a massage
.a nice dinner
.a fika with my sister
. longer hair,browner skin and more well trained;)
.be healthy,no cold no pain in my throat
.a private chef

yeah thats about it...oh and more sun more spring weather,grrrr

plans of the day

Today I will cook some food,play some poker:)but first of all I will clean the kitchen...living with guys can be sort of messy aswell...this is our kitchen,a good day.

1 week

eating breakfast,the sun is shining and I'm watching a show about lchf,how to eat right by taking away the carbs and higher the fat!(as you all should know by now)
Booked my ticket back to Sweden some days ago,in one week I'll be back in my sweet home country!Even though I love Holland,and all the guys I got to know I really miss my home.This photo is from the last days in Sweden last year before we went to Argentina.Me and Pauline and swedish coffe...gahh I miss swedish coffe.

tisdag 24 april 2012

fucking cold

laying in bed grinding,sneezing and cursing my cold that just wont give in.Tomorrow there is a birthday in the house and this weekend there is queensday which is a huge festival in Holland.hopefully I will be able to enter my party mood and be social,but this fucking cold is killing me right now...

måndag 23 april 2012


I'm still sick stuck in bed,but today I will try to play some poker.Managed to upload  pictures from the weekend. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in a city called Valkenburg,an old city close to the boarder of Germany. We ate good food,went to spa,rested and drank wine basically. The spa was a new experience for me. In Sweden we are divided in girls and boys when we hit the sauna,that was not the fact in Holland.Never seen so many naked people at the same time.obviously it was hard not to look where you should not look.Even harder to have conversations with people...in the sauna I was starting to get dizzy,not only the fact that there was like 10 people butt naked laying in different positions...but I actually was starting to get sick... started to breath heavily trying not to panic a guy laying across the seat sat up and eyed me a little...then he told me to go out and take some air..I tried not to look anywhere else but his face but as he was talking to me he scratch his balls so despite my best effort I felt the urge to vomit and went out quick as hell and stayed in the bathroom for some time.No,I'm not a sizzy but the whole experience was new to me so it was different,but for sure I will do it again...when I feel better;)

söndag 22 april 2012

fever fever

Back from the spaweekend,I'm completely stranded in bed,fever,soar throat,aches everywhere...u name it I got it!The place was great,had such a wonderful time..but I'm high on fever now so trying to write something that make sense is pretty hard..I will stop now,take some aspirins,play some poker and watch some movie.nighty night

fredag 20 april 2012


olala can't wait to go here tonight!since I won some money in the casino I decided to have a spaweekend in the dutch coyntryside with dinner and everything that goes with it:)be back next week,beso

torsdag 19 april 2012


things you can do while playing poker...a fish-braid..:)drinking ten thousand cups of coffe and tea...among many other fun stuff.

onsdag 18 april 2012


I dream big,because I can,cause I never got put down on that beautiful place we call ground..I was raised by 2 open-minded persons that always encourage me to do what feels right instead of doing what seems right.I never got hold back and I tried everything with the grace of a beginners mind. I do mistakes,everyday,I talk before I think and I act upon my emotions. I still don't know what will be of me,I'm still learning...growing..I believe in taking chances,risks... you yourself is the only one who can change the path you are walking,your future. In order to have something you have to sacrifice something else,someone else.So in order to move ahead you have to let go and jump.

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up..

tisdag 17 april 2012

casino holland

Yesterday I played at the casino Holland,we where 46 persons,there where 6 prises...and guess what I came 5th:)I will be back there for the 1st prize next time,so much fun!!This weekend I will spend my winnings in some nice restaurant with a beautiful person and loads of gourmet food.yumm.so cheers to that!

måndag 16 april 2012

como me gusta

Is there anything more sexy than a guy in the kitchen?


yesterday I basically stayed in bed all day,all due to a massive nausea,headache and a desire to bury myself under tuns of blankets for the rest of the month. yes today I feel better,but again,I wont be going to more tecno party's for some time... high-heels and a short dress; a massive punch in the face with the freezing ass cold weather and the party where heals where banned...and the rail-road  under constructions and the extra buses where not just happening (shall I continue)haha lol...as an extra little surprise I got a bunch of messages and phone-calls that shake up my wonderful world...I'm just saying karma is a bitch,so tonight when I will be playing the freezeout at the casino I better be winning!Now I have to replace some important fluids in my body and get out of my angelina jolie trash look..

söndag 15 april 2012

after party

survived the tecno party yesterday,just woke up,came home 10am in the morning....it was strange,heavy tecno and really another world...the advice I got was smile,don't complain and get drunk...so I did and had quite fun,but today I'm pretty soar...today I will be grinding some big tournaments in the evening.

lördag 14 april 2012


This is the view when I wake up...it's hard not to stay in bed all day,this bed is amazing...lucky for me I can lay in bed and work.But today I have a day off,I think we are going out...to a tecno club,!!lol!!,not my piece of cake but interesting for sure.

fredag 13 april 2012

good morning

yesterday I grinded all day,in the evening we where suppose to go to a fashion show but it got cancelled.went with the guys to drink wine in some bars instead,it was student night yesterday so the places where crowded with drunk happy students:)Just woke up and had a huge breakfast waffles,strawberries and greekyoghurt and green tea...BTW the waffles where lchf,no flour no sugar.living da healthy life

onsdag 11 april 2012

dont worry be happy

Wednesday...was gazing trough fb and saw that life looks pretty doll for my friends. Same old story,I did this,my boyfriend did that,look how good this plate of food looks,look at my new baby...bla bla...(with a risk of being a little short sighted)(sorry)would be fun to read something really chocking for once..At least my grandfather seems to have a good time,he just posted that he is listening to the anchor gardener...the truth to be told,I would rather do that than 90% of the stuff that the other people do;)you go grandaddy!Then we have the people that writes out all their misery on fb,oh my god...please call someone!I mean of course you should tell about upsides and downsides of life,but comon...every second day?Don't worry be happy...

So back to Holland,I like it here,maybe a little bit too much,don't know how long I will be staying but now I really don't feel like Sweden.I'm not worrying I'm just happy.chau a big kiss

tisdag 10 april 2012

I'm watching dexter and grinding,the guys are all out..school and work I think.Just won an entry to play the bigger tournament for emop Bulgaria..would love to go there this year as-well.otherwise nothing new,it's cold an rainy:)
I miss the sun a little,weather like this..

måndag 9 april 2012


I'm safe back home in super cold europe...it's freezing and hard to get accustomed to.I'm staying some time in Holland,in a house with 4 guys,I'm not complaining:)yesterday we where out at some club where everyone knew everyone...except me...drank a little bit too much wine but it went fine.Today I will be lazy in the sofa watching movies!this week I will start playing poker again.this is me now,hangover and hungry!

torsdag 5 april 2012


I'm bored,been at the airport 7hours now, 3 hours more and then my flight leaves. overheard a couple talking about a woman that gave birth on a delta flight a week ago...leaving from Atlanta..hehe...poor woman:/otherwise not much happening,been watching 2 movies,eating a hamburger without bread,drinking 2 coffes,and here I was so proud just a couple of days ago,caffeine free..bought some snack,beef jerky;dried meat...really good and healthy;)gonna watch my 3rd movie now,chau

so I'm off!

 BA airport.Was standing in line to go through the last scanner before leaving.The guard asks me in spanish if these are all my bags together,I say yes and here a NO behind me...a little bit irritated I turn around and see this guy looking at me,confusion-why did he say no?the guard asks again and this time I hear him asking something completely different from what I heard first-are you too together,ah NO I answer...the guy says YES with a huge smile and a blink, this time and the guard starts to get irritated...-so how is it he asks again inpatient...-ehm NO- I say putting my bags in the scanner-the guy ask me if I need help and I reply with a quick NO,my checks are red I'm tired,hungry not in mood for any conversations even though it's a handsome stranger...managing to grab the bag a little too fast and miss that it's stuck in the table...fall straight to the ground(the bag was 17kg) and here a whistling behind me...great,just perfect!!hurry out to get a taxi and  again to take the wrong line just to see the guy from before entering a taxi on the other side without any line...phu..just my luck...did I mention I love travelling;)this is a picture when we went travelling with a hippiebus in Uruguay..

airport life

Sitting at Atlanta airport,the flight included all the typical stuff that always happends to me,but with some things to add on.so;
-hot pilot-check
-fainting in the waiting line- check
-gay attendant- check
-uneatable food- check
-embarrassing moments- oh yes,check!
-screaming children; NONE!so yes I was a little lucky:D
so this is me,having a huge coffe,now being unable to sleep good since monday.hehe

tisdag 3 april 2012

bye bye

last night in Rio,tomorrow I will be leaving for Europe tomorrow...it's all so strange...today I will walk around town and have acai,coconut water and other stuff I'm gonna miss!Waiting right now for Pauline to wake up!haha I just found this photo of me and my first boyfriend,it's in Brazil the first time I was there...omg can't believe it's 6 years ago:///

måndag 2 april 2012


2 days left in Rio then starts my trip back... gonna make a few stops on the way though,BA,Atlanta,Brussels..planned to stay in Holland a couple of days before I reach Sweden..it's gonna be a loong flight(flights)hopefully they have internet in Atlanta where I'm gonna spend 10!?hours...so I can play some poker:)today I been grinding the whole day and eating chocolate cake...the one I did the other day...it never finishes,incredible!tomorrow Pauline and Ian gets back from their trip,finally!
!this is me and pauline last year when we where in NY.

söndag 1 april 2012

life as a pokerplayer

Today I been;
-drinking 2liters of coconut water
-doing 30 minutes of power yoga
-playing 10hours of poker
-baking a chocolate cake
-grocery shopping
watching 5 episodes of greys anatomy.Busy Saturday indeed,life of a single poker playing girl. was thinking of that today,how people respond when saying I'm a girl playing poker.The 5 top reactions are there;
-oh,you mean by playing poker working in a casino?a dealer?
-really,how much do you earn?
-do you play for real money?
-be careful,you can loose everything in one day!
-so,really what do you work with?

yepp,sad but true...

kent,swedish music

Brinn hjärtat brinn
Du vet du kan förändra allting
Det blåser genom staden i natt
Hör du sanningen, den lät som ett skratt