måndag 12 mars 2012

yacht in rio..

next day...saturday,waking up with a huge hangover...gazing through fb and saw that I managed to send some nice messages in my drunkest stage...jikes.

so what is a better remedy than a day on a yacht?same guy who had the penthouse invited us for a little trip...the yacht was amazing,of course..there was another private chef that prepared us seafood on the bbq while he was serving drinks...due to some mayor in-taking of alcohol the night before me and Pau skipped it.suddenly I got really tired and fell asleep on the sofa...as the hours went on so that the alcohol increase of the guys at the boat..2h later I woke up,to see couples being formed...everywhere it felt like?!so there we where,me and the couples,in a a magical surrounding...I felt a little alone...but what doesn't hurt you makes you stronger..pau came to my rescue and as we where laying on the front of the boat watching the magical sky of Rio de janiero we smiled and held hands,actually would not want to change this life for nothing in the world.

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