måndag 12 mars 2012

penthouse party and naked guys

the time goes so fast here,was going too write a short update since I arrived but just realized it's been 4 days since I came!?First night arriving,we just went to sleep early...friday there was a penthouse party and a club in the favela district that suppose to be the hippest to attend.God bless brazilians and penthouses,we where in heaven.Not only did he have a free bar,but waiters that filled your glasses,chefs that cooked what you wanted and a view that was amaaazing...we drank champagne,chatted with some swedish girls we found by the jacuzzi.who saw that coming eh?so having slept in early the night before, felt like the perfect night to get really drunk ...so happily sipping on numerous of glasses we later arrived to the club.sneaking in before the big line and we where inside...the place was huge,the guys where desperate and the party mood at it's fullest!me,pau and the swedish girls saw a little bit of heaven as we looked at the big stage in the end of the club...there was 5 guys,literally naked,dancing and singing,doing moves you only dream of...we pushed our way through the crowd and was standing the rest of the night with our mouths open as we saw the guys doing moves that would have made anyone blush.Later we arrived at home and I crushed into bed...

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