lördag 24 mars 2012

older men.

new things I've seen today, a lady with a stroller with 2 barking dogs in,a man on a skateboard without legs...interesting. I meet Santana 60+ that wanted to show me another part of Rio and my fb,he got my fb...cause I felt bad saying no.I mean, why do old guys keep on trying?what do the expect?gotta give them some credit for making an effort though even though they are doomed...this last months I been having a lot of 50+ men trying to hook me up.Don't know if it's because the times are changing or that I look older than before...one thing is sure,it will never happen!I love younger men way to much.the day I have anything other to my "archive" I will let you know.however I can't blame them I'm a hot woman in my best years..;)

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