tisdag 27 mars 2012

a normal day at leblon

started my day with an acai...took a walk to downtown leblon and sat on a bench at the main shopping street.sitting there watching people passing by I notice a certainly attractive male, talking upset on his phone while pushing the doorbell at the house in front of me. Unable to stop staring,suddenly he turns around and look straight at me... I tried to pretend I was looking at something else...a moment later he heads straight up to me...starting to talk in portuguese...no idea what he was saying I just nod a little trying to smile in the right places..after a while he see through my scam and asks in english why I don't speak portuguese...-ehm I don't know I say clearly confused...he smiles at me and ask if I been eating acai?I nod and then realize my teeth are full of purple acai...wonderful...discretely trying to cover my mouth I feeling quite uncomfortable.
.-can you believe they forgot my appointment he says pointing at the building...
-ah um that's bad I say...no idea what he's talking about..
-you been waiting for them as well?he ask..
-eh no just chilling...
-ah,you are new in town right?
-kind off I say,still trying to figure out why this superhot guy is talking to me.
-ok I'm going,you can tell them when you see them that I wont be back,hope to see you again!they have my contact info if you need someone to show you town!then hes off kissing my red cheeks giving me a blink!I still don't know what secret society he thinks I was in but it was nice as long as it lasted hehe..now my working day starts!

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