lördag 31 mars 2012


didn't play that much poker today...been acting housewife for a couple of hours and have to admit that I'm pretty proud of myself. Meatloaf,oven chicken,baked banana with chocolate,everything lchf as usual and damn good!sipping on a glass of wine dancing to some old classic tunes,how old am I?feel like an old woman,was even smiling at screaming kids today at starbucks,then there's something wrong!so for the sake of it I been watching some girl movies and some clothing sites online...back on track.By the way the wife of the husband to the screaming kids mistook my attempts to act like a decent nice girl for inappropriate flirting so I wont be back at starbucks for a couple of days...brazilian women are not to play with.anyhow looking through some fashion blogs I saw this girl and I love the bohemian style,nice!

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