lördag 17 mars 2012

hot hot hot

where is my good karma?!fuck,now my holdem manager wont work...gahhh,at least I managed to recover mostly of my files and pictures..but holdemmanager wont work.yey!!!Right now I miss the european summer,Rio is like a sauna and I haven't figured out hows the air-con work proper yet..swedish summer,bbq,swimming endless summer nights...ahhh...magical!truth to be told I feel disgusting,doesn't matter if I shower 20 times a day,I'm still sweathing after 5 minutes.doing normal yoga is like doing bikram yoga..ok enough complaining!if you avoid these facts then everything is amazing,I really really love this country and especially this city...but I always get this sense when spring is arriving in europe...I miss it..a little.here are some pictures from last summer.

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