måndag 19 mars 2012

down with the flu

another post about my own pity state of mind,been down with the flu,the only thing I can have right now is green lemon tea...at least I woke up to see the apartment cleaned and all the dish gone,god bless the maid!didn't even notice she's been here,is that a bad or good thing?My body been unable to move from the bed,except when I'm going to the kitchen to boil tea water.It would have been good to have someone taking care of me, in this stage I can't even imagine me and a hot guy rolling around naked together...needless to say I hit bottom;)wow I really hope I get better soon,this is terrible haha
was watching this movie yesterday with Sienna and Kiera,the edge of love it's called,to recommend!about a guy who can't choose between his wife and his mistress...hard decision,I would have gone for Sienna.

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