torsdag 15 mars 2012

black wednesday

suddenly the whole apartment went black...internet froze and I panicked since I had 8 poker tables left.Guess life in Rio isn't always that good,when the reality kicks in!so me and the electricity had a battle for about an hour and half,when finally it decided to show up again,just to see all my money gone.Took a glass of white wine to calm my nerves that where running wild!thinking about it,could have been a cruel karma that went straight back to me cause I laughed at the new (swedish)baby princess name...but come on Estelle?!eheh..I mean ???!!!!.In short,not my best day.Cant say it's a helping matters that I'm all alone and a by now a little bit drunk off the wine...thinking about it I will stop writing now,so I don't write any pathetic shit about a guy I miss or something like that.

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