lördag 31 mars 2012


didn't play that much poker today...been acting housewife for a couple of hours and have to admit that I'm pretty proud of myself. Meatloaf,oven chicken,baked banana with chocolate,everything lchf as usual and damn good!sipping on a glass of wine dancing to some old classic tunes,how old am I?feel like an old woman,was even smiling at screaming kids today at starbucks,then there's something wrong!so for the sake of it I been watching some girl movies and some clothing sites online...back on track.By the way the wife of the husband to the screaming kids mistook my attempts to act like a decent nice girl for inappropriate flirting so I wont be back at starbucks for a couple of days...brazilian women are not to play with.anyhow looking through some fashion blogs I saw this girl and I love the bohemian style,nice!

fredag 30 mars 2012


I'm off to town!The web camera sucks b.t.w!It's beautiful weather in RIO and I really have cravings for an acai and later I'm gonna make a chocolate cake!

torsdag 29 mars 2012


think I just did my neighbours day a little more interesting...totally forgot that there are huge windows here and maybe not the best time to be naked.I love being naked,air,no underwear,no pinching no rustling from cloths...ah great!but yeah maybe not today...the picture is a couple of years old but it was a beautiful spring day in north of sweden with my friends:)

onsdag 28 mars 2012

rain finally

I love to play poker when it's rainy and thunder outside...love love love it!and my headache is gone!This is the view from my window right now!


headache welcome back,so nice of you to drop by this morning when I had a coffe on starbucks planned...so I be in bed watching some bad romantic comedy trying to feel better...hope it's not a mini hangover from the glass of wine I drank last night,that would be embarrassing... I look and feel like crap(so no pictures of me),will put a picture of one of the most beautiful girls in the world,gemma ward...beautiful

night issues

I have a mission now,I need to change my time to european time, I will be in EU time in less than 10 days...this gone completely off board since I'm now falling a sleep around 3-4h every night.It must take a certain kind of will power to be able to do this but I'm not giving up..but I really don't have a clue what to do,I think that if I didn't have to sleep alone it would be so much easier...my biggest issue,I hate sleeping alone..hugging pillows like crazy and feeling alone..yikes..as a general rule I'm not keen about being miserable about things so this is gonna end...tomorrow..I hope..good night.

tisdag 27 mars 2012

a normal day at leblon

started my day with an acai...took a walk to downtown leblon and sat on a bench at the main shopping street.sitting there watching people passing by I notice a certainly attractive male, talking upset on his phone while pushing the doorbell at the house in front of me. Unable to stop staring,suddenly he turns around and look straight at me... I tried to pretend I was looking at something else...a moment later he heads straight up to me...starting to talk in portuguese...no idea what he was saying I just nod a little trying to smile in the right places..after a while he see through my scam and asks in english why I don't speak portuguese...-ehm I don't know I say clearly confused...he smiles at me and ask if I been eating acai?I nod and then realize my teeth are full of purple acai...wonderful...discretely trying to cover my mouth I feeling quite uncomfortable.
.-can you believe they forgot my appointment he says pointing at the building...
-ah um that's bad I say...no idea what he's talking about..
-you been waiting for them as well?he ask..
-eh no just chilling...
-ah,you are new in town right?
-kind off I say,still trying to figure out why this superhot guy is talking to me.
-ok I'm going,you can tell them when you see them that I wont be back,hope to see you again!they have my contact info if you need someone to show you town!then hes off kissing my red cheeks giving me a blink!I still don't know what secret society he thinks I was in but it was nice as long as it lasted hehe..now my working day starts!

måndag 26 mars 2012


haha,I think I should go to sleep pretty soon...was writing to another palyer in the chat and asked him if he was Swedish,he answered no,why do you think that?I replied because you have a Swedish name;LISBETH!He answered with two big ??I thought it was quite rude until I took a closer look and saw his name was LASTBET...hahaha it's terrible to be tired but unable to sleep.


today I been at the beach,drinking coconut water and eating acai.Just started with my first tournaments,but will finish earlier today to try to sleep,insomnia leave me fucking alone!


I heard somewhere that if you can't sleep,if reality is better than your dreams than you must be in-love...I don't know about that but here I am 3h and I can't sleep.sigh.

waking upin RIO

so yesterday I decided to do a little makeover,colouring my eyebrows and eyelashes..woke up this morning with an eye infection,two black brows and 2 mosquito bites placed in-between my brows..holy crap I look like mr beans old aunt from check republic or something,terrible!so even if I wanted to go out,I cudden't...good enough though it seems,managed to win the WW again and reach a couple of final tables;)

lördag 24 mars 2012

older men.

new things I've seen today, a lady with a stroller with 2 barking dogs in,a man on a skateboard without legs...interesting. I meet Santana 60+ that wanted to show me another part of Rio and my fb,he got my fb...cause I felt bad saying no.I mean, why do old guys keep on trying?what do the expect?gotta give them some credit for making an effort though even though they are doomed...this last months I been having a lot of 50+ men trying to hook me up.Don't know if it's because the times are changing or that I look older than before...one thing is sure,it will never happen!I love younger men way to much.the day I have anything other to my "archive" I will let you know.however I can't blame them I'm a hot woman in my best years..;)

the Rio life

the neighbours have sex,it's thunder and people screaming outside a normal friday in RIO. yesterday I came 2nd in 20k and I celebrated it with a glass of wine and johnny depp on-screen.alarmingly I start to like my own company more than anyone else's...well johnny D...it's pretty ok..btw I just realized that Rio de janeiro must mean the river of january?!hmm...

torsdag 22 mars 2012


since I'm staying in the land where it suppose to be the sexiest guys on earth,I will give you some pictures of my favourite ones:)

Marlon Teixeira,model
Jesus Luz,former toyboy of Madonna:)
not to forget all the cute fotbal players out there..


didn't win 7.5k yesterday but shared first prize in 8k wildwest:)the poker is going great right now!Today I found eco coffe and a lot of other groceries from the area around.You don't even have to look for eco stamps because mainly the things already are produced nearby and not imported...gosh I love this city,country.

onsdag 21 mars 2012

the day so far

good morning!managed to twist my back while doing yoga..so now I can just sit up in one position,interesting how I will feel after grinding 10 hours.So what's new?I got invited to a wedding,I got a nice message from an admirer,I manage to break the coffe bowl into million pieces and then fall straight into it, like smelling like coffe though,it's ehm different...on my wishing list now,is to be as brown as I was in that picture and to win the 7,5k guarantee today!


Just got a photo off Pau in NY,so mum should be a little proud off me I'm working a lot while Pau is playing with her iphone;)hard life eh?:P

tisdag 20 mars 2012

living the exotic lifestyle

Rio is really exotic,yesterday I smashed a green black fly that was annoying me while playing...just to see 100 of small green worms coming out of it...had to concentrate really hard not to vomit!yikes!otherwise things are looking brighter,I love this city!Walking around town in the mornings too see half naked guys,happy people in colourful cloths smiling!Being able to drink fresh coconut water,eating acai which is one of my absolute favourite things right now!It comes from a palm-tree fruit and is mixed with ice and you eat it like an icecream,so good!

måndag 19 mars 2012

down with the flu

another post about my own pity state of mind,been down with the flu,the only thing I can have right now is green lemon tea...at least I woke up to see the apartment cleaned and all the dish gone,god bless the maid!didn't even notice she's been here,is that a bad or good thing?My body been unable to move from the bed,except when I'm going to the kitchen to boil tea water.It would have been good to have someone taking care of me, in this stage I can't even imagine me and a hot guy rolling around naked together...needless to say I hit bottom;)wow I really hope I get better soon,this is terrible haha
was watching this movie yesterday with Sienna and Kiera,the edge of love it's called,to recommend!about a guy who can't choose between his wife and his mistress...hard decision,I would have gone for Sienna.

söndag 18 mars 2012

sunday in rio

happy sunday everyone,today will be a loooong grinding day:)
aren't these pictures wonderful!?

lördag 17 mars 2012

hot hot hot

where is my good karma?!fuck,now my holdem manager wont work...gahhh,at least I managed to recover mostly of my files and pictures..but holdemmanager wont work.yey!!!Right now I miss the european summer,Rio is like a sauna and I haven't figured out hows the air-con work proper yet..swedish summer,bbq,swimming endless summer nights...ahhh...magical!truth to be told I feel disgusting,doesn't matter if I shower 20 times a day,I'm still sweathing after 5 minutes.doing normal yoga is like doing bikram yoga..ok enough complaining!if you avoid these facts then everything is amazing,I really really love this country and especially this city...but I always get this sense when spring is arriving in europe...I miss it..a little.here are some pictures from last summer.

crashing computers and rashes

my bad luck is still going strong..today while playing the computer suddenly went black..I panicked screamed then managed to restart it and open up the poker client again...but everything else was gone,all the pictures,the saved documents... been trying to act a computer nerd for 1hour now,reinstalling and detect virus...why is this happening to me??as it wasn't enough I'm allergic to something here,red rashes all over me...so no, this weekend I wont put my foot outside the door..terrible!at least the poker is going good against all odds!and since all my pictures from the computer are goon,this was one I had saved on the blog..it's me in austria;)

fredag 16 mars 2012

plans for the summer

been writing to different apartments and houses to rent in Europe for the summer.run into this cute cottage by accident and fell in love!The owner going to check if it has good working internet (always the same issue),if so it will be ours for june and july:)Its in Crete in a small village in the middle of the countryside...ahh really want to spend my summer here!

rough awakenings

woke up this morning hearing a sound from the door..been feeling schizo an afraid of every sound since I saw a horror movie some days ago so I decided to ignore the sound...then suddenly out of nowhere a girls is standing at my bedroom door watching me...panicking and screaming I tried to cover myself just to realize it was the maid..she got really embarrassed and mumbled some words in portuguese I didn't understand and closed my door...after that I was wide awake and went to town to do some grocery shopping!needless to say I got lost...for 1 hour wandering around until a cute guy asked if I was lost,and showed me the way to the supermarket.Since that I been indoor,safe in front of the computer!Now it's time to sleep!night

torsdag 15 mars 2012

black wednesday

suddenly the whole apartment went black...internet froze and I panicked since I had 8 poker tables left.Guess life in Rio isn't always that good,when the reality kicks in!so me and the electricity had a battle for about an hour and half,when finally it decided to show up again,just to see all my money gone.Took a glass of white wine to calm my nerves that where running wild!thinking about it,could have been a cruel karma that went straight back to me cause I laughed at the new (swedish)baby princess name...but come on Estelle?!eheh..I mean ???!!!!.In short,not my best day.Cant say it's a helping matters that I'm all alone and a by now a little bit drunk off the wine...thinking about it I will stop writing now,so I don't write any pathetic shit about a guy I miss or something like that.

onsdag 14 mars 2012


The Portuguese call it saudade: a longing for something so indefinite as to be indefinable!Just had green tea with lemon,sipping on it while trying to focus on poker.The sky is blue and the sun is shining,people are going through their ordinary life, I'm trying to figure out the term of saudade or longing as it called in english...why do we miss some people the minute they leave and other people we don't even notice that they are gone?


woke up and went straight to a tattoo artist,me and Pau was gonna get our tattoos done.It took 10 minutes and barely no pain.they are beautiful and stand for so much things that it's hard to describe!places,people,memories..last year was a wonderful year,this one is gonna be even better I'm sure.The rest of the day we spent by the computer grinding as usual.early this morning Pau and her bf are leaving for NY and I'm gonna be alone 3 weeks!

tisdag 13 mars 2012

late night snack

so,I managed to get to a couple of finaltables and I'm plus today...phuu...anyway it's soon 00 and Pau ad her bf is watching a movie...I can't sleep,I feel alone, bla bla...the feeling sorry for myself mood starts again...just had some pieces of chocolate and it didn't help.was watching my webcam fotos and found some funny throughout the year...enjoy;)

måndag 12 mars 2012


we just started our grinding session.Pau went to the gym,I stayed in bed...ate omelet with tuna for breakfast and watch a phil galfond video on bluefire poker...pau is trying to hide behind the compu but I got a little pic of her anyway:)now back to work,hardcore focus