söndag 5 februari 2012

rainy days and future goals

Its raining in Punta,it's a bit boring.I managed to win a 200e satellite for the biggest tournament on entraction, so today I will play 1 tournament and pray internet will work!
I believe that you have to have goals,you have to have visions to really be able to reach somewhere.No I don't mean those small ridiculous goals you go through every once and then. You need to have big goals,you have to have the will to achieve something in life to become something.Especially in poker, you have to have carrier goals and always try to reach it no matter what.few people amaze me,some disappoint me and many goes by without even leaving a memory..I love seeing things from another view and just being amazed by other thoughts.My mind is spinning... I have a billion questions and answers and theories...
To me, it seems to make perfect sense every idea I once in a while get,it just the issue putting it in practice...one day I will,I just need some time.

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