söndag 5 februari 2012

life as we know it

the girls came back from their mini vacation,we had a swedish "reunion"night yesterday.We are now 4 girls and 5 guys all swedish staying here,strange how we all meet up in this small town on the other side of earth.These past weeks has been chaos and we haven't even given you the meaty parts..this is unfortunatley the last week here,there's a mix of strange feelings...we will split up 2 going back to sweden,1 to brazil and one too BA...we are sobbing,crying ,laughing,but also putting a great effort doing this a week to remember.(sounds like we always have excuses too party)but we had some chilled days too,don't worry..we will try to update as much as we can...truth to be told,we love this place and it will be hard to leave,but life goes on,and we do have great plans infront of us..tonight we gonna have a bbq and dulce de leche pancakes:)

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