tisdag 28 februari 2012

headstanding and back cracking

today i had a great yoga class! the instructor was a funny lady who never stood in one place for more than 2 minutes and loved to sing along to the hindu music. before we started any movements she handed out napkins so we could blow our noses and then she started singing with a loud voice, the rest of the class started to sing along while the instructor was looking encouraging at me, i didn't really feel the flow and it was too early in the morning to have a singing session so i just smiled back hoping it would be too long before we started with the exercises. after some more singing and nose-blowing it was time for back cracking. she came over to me, pushed her fingers into my back in every place possible and then she started to crack it, pushing and pulling my arms in different directions. when the back cracking was done we did some usual yoga poses and then it was time for headstanding. everyone in class got up on their head like it was the most natural thing to do, my yoga instructor/chiropractor came over and said "it be easy, it be easy! just relaxed and do this" i copied her moves but then gave up when my courage failed, she refused to let me give up and grabbed my hands, pushed my head down and then started to lift my legs, we did this 3 times and then the forth she said, now you do! and so i did, i got up on my head all on my own. lovely yoga class.

now its time for poker!

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