tisdag 7 februari 2012

food and photos

Im waiting for Pau to get back from her trip,we have a photo shoot in the casino in 1.5 h!The reserved a poker table for us so I REALLY hope she wont be late.I should get prepared but Im to lazy to do anything,especially if she wont show up...I hate putting on makeup,but the worst is to take it off...and today I will be going to the countryside so I don't feel like being all sexy looking...as a general rule,I wont even bring my hair brush...this is vanessa roussos photo shoot on the poker table,I think ours will be a little different though..
yesterday we ate sushi and drank sauvignon blanc,a great mix!I even tried a sushi combination for dessert,apple and carrot sushi with cream...as it wasn't enough I managed to sneak into a birthday party where I ate meat until I couldn't stand up...I topped it with a huge chocolate cake with nougat bottom and strawberries...somebody should have warn me,in the end of the night I was so full that I barely could walk...threw myself in bed and slept for 12h!

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