söndag 19 februari 2012

business and good coffee

we just got back to the room. today we have been to the same cafe as yesterday, only this time we were there having a business meeting. we cant say anything about it yet, its too early, but we really hope we can make it happen. btw the coffee at this place is the best we have tried in south america so far, brazil keeps impressing :)

after the meeting we went to check on the last remaining players in the tournament, got another wave from negreanu and then we went to have dinner at our hotels restaurant. i had broth soup and a caprese salad and femi had meat, it was really good. to celebrate us being here we also ordered a dessert, typical brazilian cheese with jam and dulce de leche. not we are really full! we are gonna chill at the room for a while and then go back to the tournament.

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