måndag 20 februari 2012

being female in a tournament owned by males

Poker tournaments can be fun too,although we give you mostly the typical updates...if you are 2 swedish blond girls and the main % of everyone are males it can be pretty fun,to say at least.We been asked out on drinks,flirting with dealers,followed...yeah the basic stuff!My favorite is a brazilian guy,in the same length as my boobs with a huge blister on his lip and a shirt with red and pink flowers hes been wearing now 4 days in a row...he stare,tries to make conversations,blushes,smiles,looses hands when we walk by..it's so cute;)Extra fun is when guys starts to talk to each other in english when we walk by...even though it's obvious they don't speak more than a couple of phrases..but it's not only fun to be a girl,actually there are many guys that discriminate you..especially latino guys.We been offered many things in exchange of our bodies and that's the downside of being a female,some just don't believe that we are poker pro's.But in the end it all comes down to how you respect yourself and how you earn respect!Now we gonna watch a movie and sleep,there's a big day tomorrow!

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