lördag 18 februari 2012

another day in sao paulo

Yesterday we played poker and unfortunately we both are out of the tournament,but we aint sad. Today we have a whole day exploring the city,right in time to see some carneval action!We just had another amazing breakfast with fresh coconut water,cashew fruits and a lot more...our staker is going to play the side event today and we will take a visit to one of the biggest cafes in sao paulo with a coffee tasting.after all we are in the country that is the biggest coffee exports in the world.
Yesterday we had another conversation with Daniel N (yepp we take our chances)this time I got a bit nervous so when he asked us if we still where in the tournament I answered yes before thinking..(I was kicked out 1h earlier)then he wanted to give me high five and I took up my hand and just before our hands hit I whispered -eh or no,it was a joke...he looked a little confused and there was an awkward silence before I made another stupid comment- so you are still in?he smiled a little and said yes...(of course he was still in) Pauline saved it all with asking for a photo...later on we had some drinks with 2 of the best players in argentina (according to themselves)we all know by now that argentinians talk a lot....

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