tisdag 28 februari 2012

cupcakes and poker

today we went to a cupcake place in palermo soho,I ate a bombon cupcake with chocolate and dulce de leche and cream!lovely!our brother was playing the tournament madero summercup,lasted until the second day but got kicked out before price unfortunately.Tomorrow I will be playing the ladies event and hoping for some luck:)now im gonna eat some chili con carne in fine company accompanied with a glass of red!

headstanding and back cracking

today i had a great yoga class! the instructor was a funny lady who never stood in one place for more than 2 minutes and loved to sing along to the hindu music. before we started any movements she handed out napkins so we could blow our noses and then she started singing with a loud voice, the rest of the class started to sing along while the instructor was looking encouraging at me, i didn't really feel the flow and it was too early in the morning to have a singing session so i just smiled back hoping it would be too long before we started with the exercises. after some more singing and nose-blowing it was time for back cracking. she came over to me, pushed her fingers into my back in every place possible and then she started to crack it, pushing and pulling my arms in different directions. when the back cracking was done we did some usual yoga poses and then it was time for headstanding. everyone in class got up on their head like it was the most natural thing to do, my yoga instructor/chiropractor came over and said "it be easy, it be easy! just relaxed and do this" i copied her moves but then gave up when my courage failed, she refused to let me give up and grabbed my hands, pushed my head down and then started to lift my legs, we did this 3 times and then the forth she said, now you do! and so i did, i got up on my head all on my own. lovely yoga class.

now its time for poker!

poker and gym

okay so i guess its time for at update from me. everything is fine here in rio! i have everything i need, shopping mall and gym 5 minutes away, good food (great sushi), starbucks and i have gotten into a great poker flow. i have been playing almost every day since i got here and its been going well, i have changed my game style a lot since before our poker break. i have some fun things planned for next month, this month im gonna focus on poker and working out. the only thing im missing here is my sister, we're not meant being away from each other. but for now i have to replace her so i might meet up with some poker buddies we met in sao paulo, its hard replacing her but at least they'll cover the poker part :)

måndag 27 februari 2012

up early to play some tournaments...yesterday my brother was playing against the wsop champion from last year Pius Heinz,and he kicked him out:):)

söndag 26 februari 2012

yesterday we went to a designer/pool/cocktail party in one of the most exclusive hotels in BA...we sat by their beautiful pool and drank wine and vodka...there was a lot of gay guys and weird people,after the party we went to a preparty but there I got tired so when the other hit the bars I went home!Today I'm gonna grind the whole day and tomorrow morning as well!

fredag 24 februari 2012


as you all will see there will be some days without blogging...we both left Sao Paulo content and with a whole lot of experience!Femi back in BA,Pau in RIO...we will make more updates...be patience!

måndag 20 februari 2012

womans tournament

a dream for pro pokerplayers we must say...all the worst mistakes you can do and the girls do it all...me and Pau where in heaven...unfortunately I lost an all in with JJ against a girl from Chile that held 88...as an 81% favorite preflop I was pretty angry when I saw the flop A82...but Pau is still playing!I'm going back to support her,just needed a quick pause!

quick update!

Just came back from the interviews with the proteam members,it was fun...had to improvise a lot since the only gave me a few questions to ask. Daniel is my favorite,he was funny and kind a really down to earth guy!soon we are off to buy in for the womans special that is held today!so long

being female in a tournament owned by males

Poker tournaments can be fun too,although we give you mostly the typical updates...if you are 2 swedish blond girls and the main % of everyone are males it can be pretty fun,to say at least.We been asked out on drinks,flirting with dealers,followed...yeah the basic stuff!My favorite is a brazilian guy,in the same length as my boobs with a huge blister on his lip and a shirt with red and pink flowers hes been wearing now 4 days in a row...he stare,tries to make conversations,blushes,smiles,looses hands when we walk by..it's so cute;)Extra fun is when guys starts to talk to each other in english when we walk by...even though it's obvious they don't speak more than a couple of phrases..but it's not only fun to be a girl,actually there are many guys that discriminate you..especially latino guys.We been offered many things in exchange of our bodies and that's the downside of being a female,some just don't believe that we are poker pro's.But in the end it all comes down to how you respect yourself and how you earn respect!Now we gonna watch a movie and sleep,there's a big day tomorrow!

söndag 19 februari 2012

business and good coffee

we just got back to the room. today we have been to the same cafe as yesterday, only this time we were there having a business meeting. we cant say anything about it yet, its too early, but we really hope we can make it happen. btw the coffee at this place is the best we have tried in south america so far, brazil keeps impressing :)

after the meeting we went to check on the last remaining players in the tournament, got another wave from negreanu and then we went to have dinner at our hotels restaurant. i had broth soup and a caprese salad and femi had meat, it was really good. to celebrate us being here we also ordered a dessert, typical brazilian cheese with jam and dulce de leche. not we are really full! we are gonna chill at the room for a while and then go back to the tournament.

Lapt and coffe

We woke up 5 minutes before they closed the breakfast area...hurried down just to see that they changed the timezone in brazil?!had a breakfast with our staker who's gonna do live updates the whole day for argentinian sports tv. He asked us to do the english interviews with the top players tomorrow...of course we said yes;)we even get to write our own questions so it's a dream coming true!today we will watch the final table of the LAPT,hopefully our favorite Daniel is still in...at the moment there are 21 players remaining!Now we are off too se some poker and drink some brazilian coffe!

lördag 18 februari 2012

another day in sao paulo

Yesterday we played poker and unfortunately we both are out of the tournament,but we aint sad. Today we have a whole day exploring the city,right in time to see some carneval action!We just had another amazing breakfast with fresh coconut water,cashew fruits and a lot more...our staker is going to play the side event today and we will take a visit to one of the biggest cafes in sao paulo with a coffee tasting.after all we are in the country that is the biggest coffee exports in the world.
Yesterday we had another conversation with Daniel N (yepp we take our chances)this time I got a bit nervous so when he asked us if we still where in the tournament I answered yes before thinking..(I was kicked out 1h earlier)then he wanted to give me high five and I took up my hand and just before our hands hit I whispered -eh or no,it was a joke...he looked a little confused and there was an awkward silence before I made another stupid comment- so you are still in?he smiled a little and said yes...(of course he was still in) Pauline saved it all with asking for a photo...later on we had some drinks with 2 of the best players in argentina (according to themselves)we all know by now that argentinians talk a lot....

fredag 17 februari 2012

the day so far

We been playing all day long,except an hour of dinnerbreak,I just lost an all in with my 99 against a Q9 and AK...so it sucks,but,pauline is still in the game with a quite good stack a little below average...from the beginning there was 367 players and now it's remaining 200!It's been a exciting day,we just bumbed into Daniel negrenau outside the elevators and had a little chat..

first day!

we are now registered for the LAPT we are gonna play at table 1 and 20...it starts in an hour...we are so excited!!just had an amazing breakfast with a huge buffet and food enough to feed a whole country!unfortunately we where too nervous to enjoy it at the fullest!We are now in our room,on the 12th floor with a gigantic view over the city...trying to pep-talking ourselves into not being to nervous...our staker gave us one tip and it was to be patience..we will try!CIAOOO

torsdag 16 februari 2012

in sao paulo

we just arrived to sao paulo and are staying in a 5 star hotel next to the sheraton hotel where the LAPT final will be held.Yes,it's true we are going to participate in the biggest tournament in southamerica starting tomorrow!still  hard to believe,tomorrow we could be playing at the same table as daniel negreanu:O...it all started last week when I went to the casino in punta...managed to sit next to a poker pro and writer that got impressed by my game and decided to stake me in the upcoming event...the next day pauline was introduced and he decided to stake her aswell.so here we are,LAPT next:Dtonight we gonna chill watch some poker videos and relax...tomorrow is a big day!to be continued

tisdag 14 februari 2012


On thursday we are leaving punta for sao paulo,brazil...there's been a slightly change of plans which I will give you more info about later on. Today all the radio channels are playing love songs,the restaurants have deals for couples and the stores have valentines sales..it's valentines day!so we will spend it with the person we love most,eachother,sorry guys;)

måndag 13 februari 2012

mang and wsop.

been laying by the pool watching wsop videos on youtube and eating mango. Watching live poker always gives me a wanting to play!It's been too hot here,like 35c!We are still making our mind up whether to hit the casino tonight or not...it leans against a yes we are going..need a shower,need to watch my cloths and an update on my looks.This is me and Eve on one of her last days,tonight the girls are flying back to sweden!

söndag 12 februari 2012


the girls left today,now it's just me and Pau left here.A lot of things have happened these last days...therefore our lack in writing. We have really exciting news that we gonna break to you soon...but we will wait a little with the gossip!yesterday we had the last goodbye party and it was great!we drank wine,danced,cried and laughed!

fredag 10 februari 2012


 the trip to the countryside was great,will put up some pictures !

tisdag 7 februari 2012

food and photos

Im waiting for Pau to get back from her trip,we have a photo shoot in the casino in 1.5 h!The reserved a poker table for us so I REALLY hope she wont be late.I should get prepared but Im to lazy to do anything,especially if she wont show up...I hate putting on makeup,but the worst is to take it off...and today I will be going to the countryside so I don't feel like being all sexy looking...as a general rule,I wont even bring my hair brush...this is vanessa roussos photo shoot on the poker table,I think ours will be a little different though..
yesterday we ate sushi and drank sauvignon blanc,a great mix!I even tried a sushi combination for dessert,apple and carrot sushi with cream...as it wasn't enough I managed to sneak into a birthday party where I ate meat until I couldn't stand up...I topped it with a huge chocolate cake with nougat bottom and strawberries...somebody should have warn me,in the end of the night I was so full that I barely could walk...threw myself in bed and slept for 12h!

måndag 6 februari 2012

beautiful weather and mini vacations

yey,woke up too a shiny day in punta...it's beautiful and 35 degrees.(heard that it's -20 in sweden)MOHAHA!!Pauline and Therese left for another mini trip yesterday,to capo polonio that's located a few hours from punta. Me and Evelina are going to the Uruguayan countryside tomorrow instead...right now I'm looking forward too some traditional country life,BBQs,horseback riding,fishing...no internet,no phones no connection to the reality.In the mind a deeper place to disappear and become a kid again...love it. I busted out on the tournament yesterday my QQ against AK didn't hold up unfortunately...but it was fun to be able to play some poker again...


yesterday I ate this piece of choco cake,delicious!!!

söndag 5 februari 2012

rainy days and future goals

Its raining in Punta,it's a bit boring.I managed to win a 200e satellite for the biggest tournament on entraction, so today I will play 1 tournament and pray internet will work!
I believe that you have to have goals,you have to have visions to really be able to reach somewhere.No I don't mean those small ridiculous goals you go through every once and then. You need to have big goals,you have to have the will to achieve something in life to become something.Especially in poker, you have to have carrier goals and always try to reach it no matter what.few people amaze me,some disappoint me and many goes by without even leaving a memory..I love seeing things from another view and just being amazed by other thoughts.My mind is spinning... I have a billion questions and answers and theories...
To me, it seems to make perfect sense every idea I once in a while get,it just the issue putting it in practice...one day I will,I just need some time.

life as we know it

the girls came back from their mini vacation,we had a swedish "reunion"night yesterday.We are now 4 girls and 5 guys all swedish staying here,strange how we all meet up in this small town on the other side of earth.These past weeks has been chaos and we haven't even given you the meaty parts..this is unfortunatley the last week here,there's a mix of strange feelings...we will split up 2 going back to sweden,1 to brazil and one too BA...we are sobbing,crying ,laughing,but also putting a great effort doing this a week to remember.(sounds like we always have excuses too party)but we had some chilled days too,don't worry..we will try to update as much as we can...truth to be told,we love this place and it will be hard to leave,but life goes on,and we do have great plans infront of us..tonight we gonna have a bbq and dulce de leche pancakes:)

fredag 3 februari 2012

the cure been on the radio all day long

short update

drinking prosecco,eating fresh seafood,sunbathing,trying to surf,eating fancy dinners,BBQ,dates,boat trips,road trips,shopping,sunset walks....this is what our life's consist of right now and we don't complain.

torsdag 2 februari 2012

manana manana

we are busy and there is not much time for blogging...Pau and Terese and 2 other guys left for punta diablo for a mini vacation.Me and evelina stayed here in punta instead,yesterday we drank some uruguayan wine and chilled..today we don't have that much plans.Poker isn't on our schedule at all these days...internet gave up on us a long time ago!This is the one month where I can actually sleep in,drink wine,eat chocolate without any concern.as it's nearly 13pm I'm still in my pjs and unbrushed hair with no carries at all.It seems unlikely that I will do anything important today,since the sun is shining and I have a huge inviting pool a couple of meters away.manana manana