tisdag 24 januari 2012

why drink and drive when u can smoke and fly

I think the rest of this week will be largely made up with tons of cappuccino and poker,or it's at least my intentions.feeling that I have a firm enough hold on myself that I at least can try to skip the pity eating of chocolate.Today I played 4 tournaments while listening to the poker pro Alans tips of the week.again I'm even out in poker,Pauline had a great start,2nd place in the 7.5k isn't that bad. Today I got a marriage proposal from an Brazilian guy while he was driving. It seems to be the new way to hit on girls here in Punta,just take a round with the car and hopefully be driving by a hot babe on the street. after declining nicely for about 10 minutes he finally got the point and turned and drove away.I had much more interesting things planned for my day,poker,skype date and yoga:)

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