söndag 29 januari 2012

they day after..

yesterday was really fun! by far the best party night we've had in punta! okay nothing can top new years but its not far behind. we went to a restaurant in town and had a meaty dinner and then we went back to the hostel to start getting ready for the party. since its about 80 girls staying here all the bathrooms were occupied, but since we are buddies with the owner, who has moved in to room number 1 (the only room with its own bathroom and a double bed) he gave us the key so we could have some privacy while we got ready. 

around midnight people started dropping in and by 2 the whole place was packed. all of us girls were running around in different places, now and then when our paths crossed on the dance floor we stopped to shake a little and then we continued to run around and talk to people. people really went all in, jumping into the pool and setting off fireworks from the roof. we had another one of those "lets keep it anonymous" finish to the night: the first one to go to sleep walked around talking to herself for a while, then turn to us and said "im just gonna rest my eyes", got to bed and completley crashed with both her eyes and mouth half open, one never went to bed and has been awake for 26 and a half hours, one disappeared around 3 and has not been seen since, one was chased by a crazy uruguayan so she hid in the kitchen, out of boredom she opened the fridge and ate a 600 g port salut cheese getting so full she couldn't continue partying, the fifth and last to bed is still sleeping and will surley be hangover when she wakes up...

now we're waitning for the team to gather and then we'll go have a coffee to gossip about everything that happened last night. 

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