torsdag 26 januari 2012

frustration and exercise

the day started out great. i woke up with a lot of energy, they changed my mattress last night so i finally slept well for the first night since i got here. i found my ipod, put my trainers on and went for a long powerwalk, wich later ended up as more of a "shopping walk" and resulted in a bag of clothes from my favourite store here in punta.. i felt far from done when i left the place, if we have a big win at conrad casino i know where im going :) when i got back i met up with the girls and we went to get a coffee in town. the conversations regarded as usual guys, travelling, sex and how nice our life is in general. when we were done we went to buy fedes birthday present (there is gonna be a huuuge party at the hostel on saturday and there's about 300 people coming) and then we went back to the hostel. i did some push/pull ups until my muscles were hurting and then i felt done and pretty satisfied with todays exercise. the rest of the day wasnt as nice..

as femi wrote the internet is really bad here, so bad that the poker has been costing us money instead of earning (more or less). we decided to only play one tournament a day instead of the usual 20-23. the one tournament we play costs about 60 euros and the first price is 2000 e. we sat down and happily signed up, i had a good run and won a lot of pots so i was in the top 5 the first hour. after that internet started failing, every five minutes it shut off and we could'nt play any hands. femi busted out and i managed to get lucky and hit QQ in between a interruption so i doubled my stack. after being offline and unwillingly folding both AA and AK i finally got online again, my stack had been grinded down to the bottom and i was number 27 out of 29 (with two players left to bust out, number 26 and down gets a price, last place pays 150 euros) im just waiting for a playable and praying for internet to work. apparently god does not exsist or i hates me because when i was about to push all in internet fails and does'nt start working for a long time. when it turned back on i saw that i went out as number 27.. obviously poker is not gonna work here so we are gonna spend 2 and half weeks just studying hard, working out hard, have time off in the sun and party with the girls.

now tie is yelling at me for sitting at the computer. she want's me to join her and drink outside, appartenly she has got herself into a situation where she is surrounded by 7 guys wich is one to many to handle haha.

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